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Developer(s) Craig Cavanaugh
Initial release 14 May 2001 (2001-05-14)
Stable release 2.13.5 / February 23, 2014; 9 months ago (2014-02-23)
Written in Java
Operating system Any (Java-based)
Platform Cross-platform
Type Accounting
License GPL v3
Website http://sourceforge.net/projects/jgnash/

jGnash is a free personal finance management application. Along with typical features of software of the genre, this program features skinnable menu-driven user interface and with users' plugins. jGnash can be used on any platform supporting Java runtime environment.


Being an accounting software, jGnash has the features one would generally expect from the application of the genre (double-entry transactions, report generation, banking and investment account management, data encryption, etc.).[1] The user interface of jGnash is heavily menu-driven. The user can choose among several available skins to customize program's look and feel.[2]

jGnash stores all the data in custom XML-based format, though it can import Quicken (".qif") and GnuCash data files; the export formats include CSV with PDF and HTML available for several forms.[2]

The functionality of jGnash can be extended with JavaScript plugins.[1]

System requirements[edit]

The only stated system requirement for jGnash is a Java runtime environment version 7 or above Java.[3] The jar file can be launched from the command line without any installation process but most people would want to use an installer to get menu items and desktop launchers automatically visible and active.


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