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JOSM editor
Developer(s) JOSM developers, maintained by Dirk Stöcker
Stable release 7347 / 29 July 2014; 29 days ago (2014-07-29)
Preview release 7347 / 29 July 2014; 29 days ago (2014-07-29)
Written in Java
Operating system GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, Windows (all Java supported)
Available in 19 languages
Type GIS software
License GPL

JOSM (Java OpenStreetMap Editor) is an editor for OpenStreetMap data. It does not require an Internet connection while editing, and is suited for the needs of advanced users.

As of 2014, JOSM is the most popular way of editing OpenStreetMap, with about 80% of the edits to the database contributed using the software.[1]

The software was originally developed by Immanuel Scholz. As of 2012, the project is maintained by Dirk Stöcker.[citation needed]


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