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Developer(s) IDR Solutions LTD
Stable release 5.06 b 25 / November 20, 2013; 11 months ago (2013-11-20)
Written in Java
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Library
License LGPL, Proprietary

JPedal is a Java library for viewing and manipulating PDF files. It aims to provide Java developers with complete PDF reader functionality as well as PDF content extraction. The full version of JPedal is distributed under a commercial license with a cut down version available under a LGPL license.[1]

The full version of JPedal provides a PDF viewer with multiple page viewing modes, PDF to image conversion, printing, searching and text/image extraction. It can be used as part of a client or server Swing or SWT application, thin client, applet, JavaFX, JSP or webstart.

The LGPL versions lacks some of the functionality of the commercial version such as printing, extraction and different page display options.

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