Jaén Cathedral

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Jaén Cathedral
Jaén Cathedral interior

The Assumption of the Virgin Cathedral is a Spanish Renaissance cathedral located in Santa María Square in Jaén, Spain, opposite the Town Hall and the Episcopal Palace. The Santa María Square is one of the historical sites in Jaén. The cathedral stands on the same ground that was once occupied by an old mosque.[1]

The Santa María Square in Jaén.

Construction of the cathedral began in 1249 on the ruins of an ancient mosque. It was damaged and rebuilt on numerous occasions during the following two centuries until the sixteenth century, when several architects, Andrés de Vandelvira being the most important one, built the biggest part of the Cathedral. It was consecrated in 1724.

A statue of Andrés de Vandelvira

The more representative architectural element is its façade, designed by Eufrasio López de Rojas and sculpted by Pedro Roldán.

It houses, with other artworks, the Veil of Veronica.

Around 1545 the young Francisco Guerrero was the maestro de capilla.

At the moment Jaén Cathedral aspires to be listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


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Coordinates: 37°45′54″N 3°47′24″W / 37.765°N 3.7899°W / 37.765; -3.7899