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Jam (Urdu: جام‎) (Sindhi: جام) means Sardar, Nawab or King). It is not a tribe, but the title given to the leading Royal family of a Jamot/Samma tribe or state.)

The most famous of these rulers was Jam Nizamuddin. The Samma Dynasty left its mark in Sindh and Balochistan by building magnificent structures including the Necropolis of Kings and Royalties in Thatta and many more ruins.

Jam of Sanghar[edit]

Among prominent Samma's are the members of Nawab Jam family of Sanghar{which are Junejo by Caste} are: Al Haj Nawab Jam Kambhu Khan,Chief of Sammat Tribes (title of Nawab, Khan Bahadur, swords of honour) Nawab Jam Jan Muhammad Khan (Member Legaslative Assembly, title of Nawab, Sardar Bahadur, Khan Bahadur, O.B.E) Nawab Jam Amir Ali (Ex MLA, Federal Advisor to the West Pakistan Governor, Ex MPA, Former Ambassador to Maldives) Former Chief Minister of Sindh Late Nawab Jam Sadiq Ali, Former Federal Minister Nawab Jam Mashooq Ali, Former Senator Nawab Jam Karam Ali and Jam Madad Ali Leader of Opposition in Sindh.The folk stories of the generosity of Khan Sahib Jam Mitha Khan and Nawab Jam Kambhu Khan the father of Late Jam Sadiq Ali the ex Chief Minister Sindh is also the part of Sanghar and Sindh History.[citation needed]

Jam of Ghotki district[edit]

There are many chiefs of tribes titled as jam in district ghotki, the jam from dahar tribe jam bhambhu khan dahar,and the jam from samejo tribe.[citation needed]

Jam of Lasbela[edit]

Jam of Lasbela (Urdu: والي رياست لسبيله ‎) is a title of ruler of State of Las Bela (princely state) in Balochistan of Pakistan.[citation needed]

The State of Las Bela was founded in 1742 by Jam Ali Khan I rise of the Aliani family of the Jamot tribe, to which the present Jam of Lasbela belongs. His descendants ruled Las Bela until 1955 when the state became part of West Pakistan. The hereditary rulers of Las Bela were styled as Jam Sahib.[citation needed]

Jam Mir Ghulam Qadir Khan Aliani[edit]

He was the last ruler of Las Bela as it choose to merge with Pakistan in 1947.[citation needed]

He had twice served as the Chief minister of Balochistan and also Health Minister of Pakistan as well as being the Speaker of the Balochistan Provincial Assembly and also his son Jam Mir Mohammad Yousaf served as the Chief minister of Balochistan and federal minister of water and power.[citation needed]

Jam Gull Muhammad Khan Darighh[edit]

He was one of the last ruler of the state situated at Jalal-Pur Peer Wala , punjab ,pakitan in the late 1900 , he and his fore fathers migrated from sindh which are actually belonged to a family related with Muhammad Bin Qasim last general left by him at sindh . in 1600 when there comes a calamity after that there just left some of them , which later on move to bahawalpur and meet with jam Nawab Sadiq at Bahawal pur pujab . As they were the guest of Nawab Sadiq, He gave them a area as a gift.which later On jam Gull Muhammad rules. He was Noble and Kind by his personality perspectives . Jam Gull Muhammad married to a niece shahzadi NOOR-UL-AIN belongs with the family of nawa sadiq. his total marriages were about nine ,but at one time in his Haram he has less than four of them. His Sons named are Jam Sultan Mehmood Darighh ,jam sultan bux, jam sultana mand , jam hamid.But all of them there was one oh actually takes the credit to rule his empire was Jam sultan mehmood darigh of jala pur peer wala

Jams of Indian Princely State[edit]

The Hindu Jadeja dynasty, an off-shoot of Samma tribe who ruled several princely states in British India, like, Nawanagar State, Cutch State, Gondal State, Morbi, Rajkot, etc. also styled themselves as Jam Sahib.[citation needed]

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