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JabRef Icon.svg
JabRef 2.2 under Linux
Original author(s) Morten O. Alver, Nizar N. Batada, et al.
Initial release 29 November 2003 (2003-11-29)
Stable release 2.10[1] / 11 March 2014; 11 months ago (2014-03-11)
Development status Active
Written in Java
Operating system Cross-platform
Size 13.6 MB
Available in 14 languages
Type Bibliography manager
License GPL
Website jabref.sourceforge.net

JabRef is a reference management software that uses BibTeX as its native format. JabRef provides an easy-to-use interface for editing BibTeX files, for importing data from online scientific databases, and for managing and searching BibTeX files. JabRef is released under the terms of the GPL license. The application is programmed in Java, and is maintained for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.


  • Produces fully BibTeX-compliant output
  • Easy editing, searching and viewing of reference entries
  • Advanced grouping feature for organizing reference entries explicitly or based on keywords or general search terms
  • Import filters for 15 reference formats
  • Direct search and download from PubMed and IEEEXplore. Direct download from CiteSeer and ArXiv.
  • Links to external resources (URL, DOI number, PDF, PS, DjVu or other file types) can be opened with a single click
  • Cite-as-you-write functionality for external applications such as LyX, Kile, Emacs, WinEdt, Vim and LaTeX-Editor (LEd)
  • Can be run as batch job without GUI for converting reference files.
  • Customizable BibTeX key generation
  • Customizable export filters
  • Plug-in system (based on Java Plugin Framework) supporting new import/export filters, cite-as-you-write functions, export formatters and more generic functionality.
  • Add-On for LibreOffice/OpenOffice to insert and format Citations (Microsoft Word users may use Docear4Word to insert and format references)


The first version of JabRef was released in 2003 after the creators of BibKeeper (Morten O. Alver) and JBibtexManager (Nizar Batada) decided to join the two projects. The name JabRef stands for Java, Alver, Batada, Reference.

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