Jabal al-Ṭārif

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Jabal al-Ṭārif is an archaeologically and historically important cliff area within the boundaries of Egypt.


Situated in close proximity to the cliff is Hamra Dūm.[1][2]

Sacred writings[edit]

It is also the location where the Nag Hammadi library writings were found by tribesmen known as Mohammed Ali and Abu al-Maid (sons of Ali Khalifa), belonging to a clan named al-Samman.[3][4][5]


The place is the location of tombs of ancient Egyptians.[6][7][8] [9]

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  • Copyright © Claremont University Consortium ccdl.libraries ( CISOROOT ) photograph [Retrieved 2011-10-27] (shows a photographic still (montone) taken from height, of the area of the place)
  • flashearth.com interactive global mapping site (NASA satellite imaging ) [Retrieved 2011-10-27] (online map (colour)