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Jabol (Polish pronunciation: [ˈjabɔl]) is a slang name for a kind of cheap Polish fruit wine [1] that is made from fermented fruit and is bottled at 8% to 18% alcohol by volume. Its name, "jabol," seems to be derived from "jabłko", the Polish word for "apple," which it is sometimes made from. However, it may have other flavors, usually fruit but also others, such as chocolate[2] or mint.[3]

It comes in a variety of containers and is sold under a variety of names.

Slang names[edit]

Apart from "jabol" or "jabcok", this beverage has amassed a variety of colourful slang names. Two that are commonly encountered are "sikacz" (a reference to the effect of alcohol on urination) and "siarkofrut" (a reference to both a brand of juice marketed to children, and to the wine's taste of sulfur (resulting from its low-quality production process)).


Jabol is produced by several companies and has been drunk by generations of Poles. It is especially popular in Polish punk culture[citation needed].

Packaging and price[edit]

Jabol is sold in glass and plastic bottles[4] or cartons[5] (similar to milk or juice cartons). It is priced at about 4.50 PLN (1.60 USD)[6] for a 0.70L bottle. Sometimes a deposit is required on bottles, which is usually 20%-30% of the wine price.[7]

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