Jacek Małachowski

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Jacek Małachowski
Jacek Małachowski.JPG
Coat of arms Nałęcz
Consort Petronela Antonina Rzewuska


Jan Małachowski
Franciszka Małachowska
Noble family House of Małachowski
Father Jan Małachowski
Mother Izabela Humiecka
Born (1737-08-25)August 25, 1737
Died March 27, 1821(1821-03-27)

Jacek Małachowski, of the Nałęcz coat-of-arms (1737–1821) was a Polish nobleman, politician and administrator.

He was Crown Deputy Master of the Pantry since 1764. Referendary of the Crown in 1764-1780, Deputy Chancellor the Crown since 1780 and Grand Chancellor of the Crown since 1786.[1] Starost of Piotrków, Radom, Stary Sącz and Gródek.

Marshal of the Coronation Sejm in December 3–20, 1764 in Warsaw.[1]

He was a supporter of the Russian faction.[1] During the Great Sejm of 1788-1792 he supported tentative reforms such as strengthening of the executive and army, but also maintaining ties with Russia.[1] He was among the opponents of the Constitution of 3 May and eventually joined the Targowica Confederation that overthrew it.[1]