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Jack Adams Award
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Established 1974
Current holder(s) Patrick Roy
Awarded to the National Hockey League coach "adjudged to have contributed the most to his team's success."[1]

The Jack Adams Award is awarded annually to the National Hockey League coach "adjudged to have contributed the most to his team's success."[1] It has been awarded 39 times to 34 different coaches. The winner is selected by a poll of the National Hockey League Broadcasters Association at the end of the regular season. Four coaches have won the award two times, while Pat Burns has won three times, the most of any coach.


The Jack Adams Award is named in honour of Jack Adams, Hall of Fame player for Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa, and long-time coach and general manager of the Detroit Red Wings. It was first awarded at the conclusion of the 1973–74 regular season.

Jacques Demers is the only coach who has won the award in consecutive seasons. Four coaches in history have won the award with 2 different teams. Jacques Lemaire, Pat Quinn, and Scotty Bowman have won the award twice, while Pat Burns is the only coach to win the award three times. The franchises with the most Jack Adams Award winners are the Philadelphia Flyers, Detroit Red Wings and Phoenix Coyotes with four winners, although the Coyotes had two winners in Winnipeg before they moved to Arizona, followed by the St. Louis Blues with three. Bill Barber, Bruce Boudreau and Ken Hitchcock are the only coaches to win the award after replacing the head coach who started the season. Barber took over for Craig Ramsay during the 2000–01 season, Boudreau replaced Glen Hanlon, a month into the 2007–08 season while Hitchock replaced Davis Payne a month into the 2011–12 season. The closest vote ever occurred in 2006, when the winner Lindy Ruff edged out Peter Laviolette by a single point.[2]


Scotty Bowman, winner for the 1976–77 and 1995–96 NHL seasons.
Marc Crawford, winner for the 1994–95 NHL season.
Ted Nolan, winner for the 1996–97 NHL season.
Lindy Ruff, winner for the 2005–06 NHL season.
Season Winner Team Win #
1973–74 Shero, FredFred Sherob Philadelphia Flyers 1
1974–75 Pulford, BobBob Pulford Los Angeles Kings 1
1975–76 Cherry, DonDon Cherry Boston Bruins 1
1976–77 Bowman, ScottyScotty Bowmanab Montreal Canadiens 1
1977–78 Kromm, BobbyBobby Kromm Detroit Red Wings 1
1978–79 Arbour, AlAl Arboura New York Islanders 1
1979–80 Quinn, PatPat Quinnac Philadelphia Flyers 1
1980–81 Berenson, RedRed Berenson St. Louis Blues 1
1981–82 Watt, TomTom Watt Winnipeg Jets 1
1982–83 Tessier, OrvalOrval Tessier Chicago Blackhawks 1
1983–84 Murray, BryanBryan Murray Washington Capitals 1
1984–85 Keenan, MikeMike Keenanac Philadelphia Flyers 1
1985–86 Sather, GlenGlen Sathera Edmonton Oilers 1
1986–87 Demers, JacquesJacques Demers Detroit Red Wings 1
1987–88 Demers, JacquesJacques Demers Detroit Red Wings 2
1988–89 Burns, PatPat Burnsc Montreal Canadiens 1
1989–90 Murdoch, BobBob Murdoch Winnipeg Jets 1
1990–91 Sutter, BrianBrian Sutter St. Louis Blues 1
1991–92 Quinn, PatPat Quinn Vancouver Canucks 2
1992–93 Burns, PatPat Burns Toronto Maple Leafs 2
1993–94 Lemaire, JacquesJacques Lemaire New Jersey Devils 1
1994–95 Crawford, MarcMarc Crawford Quebec Nordiques 1
1995–96 Bowman, ScottyScotty Bowmana Detroit Red Wings 2
1996–97 Nolan, TedTed Nolan Buffalo Sabres 1
1997–98 Burns, PatPat Burns Boston Bruins 3
1998–99 Martin, JacquesJacques Martin Ottawa Senators 1
1999–2000 Quenneville, JoelJoel Quennevillea St. Louis Blues 1
2000–01 Barber, BillBill Barberd Philadelphia Flyers 1
2001–02 Francis, BobBob Francis Phoenix Coyotes 1
2002–03 Lemaire, JacquesJacques Lemaire Minnesota Wild 2
2003–04 Tortorella, JohnJohn Tortorellab Tampa Bay Lightning 1
2004–05 zzzNot awarded due to the lockout.
2005–06 Ruff, LindyLindy Ruff Buffalo Sabres 1
2006–07 Vigneault, AlainAlain Vigneault Vancouver Canucks 1
2007–08 Boudreau, BruceBruce Boudreaud Washington Capitals 1
2008–09 Julien, ClaudeClaude Julien Boston Bruins 1
2009–10 Tippett, DaveDave Tippett Phoenix Coyotes 1
2010–11 Bylsma, DanDan Bylsma Pittsburgh Penguins 1
2011–12 Hitchcock, KenKen Hitchcockd St. Louis Blues 1
2012–13 MacLean, PaulPaul MacLean Ottawa Senators 1
2013–14 Roy, PatrickPatrick Roy Colorado Avalanche 1

aTeams who had best overall record in regular season (President's Trophy awarded to team with best overall record since 1985–86)

bCoaches whose teams won the Stanley Cup

cCoaches whose teams lost the Stanley Cup final round

dCoaches whose teams replaced the coach that started the season

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