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Jack Clement Badcock was an English historian, naturalist, columnist, writer and painter who lived in the village of Fleckney, Leicestershire.

For many years Badcock wrote a regular naturalist column for the Leicester Mercury newspaper and also produced a number of books on the subject, including 'In the Countryside of South Leicestershire' (1972) and "A Countryman's Calendar" (1973).

Badcock was also the first person to write a history of the village of Fleckney in 1951, and also wrote a fictional trilogy of books with a rustic theme entitled, 'The Truants' (1953), 'Waybent' (1954') and 'The Four-Acre' (1967).

In recent times, Badcock has been commemorated in his native village, with the naming of 'Badcock Way', at the entrance to the Saddington Grange Estate, on Saddington Road.

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