Jack Dellal

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Jack Dellal
Born 2 October 1923
Manchester, England
Died 28 October 2012
Education Heaton Moor College, Manchester
Occupation Chairman, Allied Commercial Holdings
Known for Property investment
Net worth Decrease £480 million (2009)
Successor Guy Dellal (son)
Religion Jewish
Spouse(s) Ruanne
Children Suzanne, Jasmine, Gaby, Guy, Zack, (four others)
Parents Sulman Dellal and Charlotte Shashoua

Jack Dellal (2 October 1923 – 28 October 2012) was a London-based property investor known as 'Black Jack' reportedly worth GBP £480 million in 2009.[1] It was £580 million in 2008.[2] These recent figures were significantly lower than a 2005 estimate by The Evening Standard, which ranked Dellal as a billionaire.[3] His company, the property group Allied Commercial Holdings,[2][4] financed the purchase of Shell-Mex House in 2002 and sold it in 2007.[2] [5]

Life and career[edit]

Dellal was a banker in the 1970s. He owned the Dalton Barton bank, which he sold for £58 million.[6] He set up Allied Commercial in 1974 with Stanley Van Gelder, with whom he worked for over forty years. One of their deals was the flip of central London's Bush House, which added £75 million to his fortune in a period of six months.[6][7] He was said to have invested up to £100m in London's Dolphin Square.[8]

Dellal was born in Manchester to Baghdadi Jews Sulman Dellal and Charlotte Shashoua, [9] expatriates, and educated at that city's Heaton Moor College.[10] He and second wife Ruanne have two children.[10] From previous marriages, he has seven children (six daughters, one son) [10] including the film directors Jasmine and Gaby Dellal, and the businessman Guy Dellal.[11][12]

His nickname, "Black Jack," derives from his notorious love of gambling.[1][10] Dellal's son, Guy Dellal, who was a director of Allied Commercial Holdings, is an investment partner of Robert and Vincent Tchenguiz.[12][13]

In memory of his daughter "Suzy," he founded the Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater in Tel Aviv in 1989.


Dellal died on 28 October 2012, aged 89.[14]