Jack M. Ducker

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Jack M. Ducker
(also known as J. M. Ducker, J. Ducker and Jack Ducker; possibly known as John Ducker and James Ducker)
Born Before 1910
Died Unknown (20th century)
Nationality European, possibly Scotland
Known for oil Painting (landscape art)
Movement flourished 1910 – 1930

Jack M. Ducker (years flourished 1910 – 1930)[1][2] was a European painter (possibly of Scottish origin[3]) who specialized in Scottish highland landscapes.[4]

Although most of the artist's documented works are undated they are thought to have been created from about 1910 through 1930,[5] with at least one oil on canvas attributed to the late 19th century by Christie's auction house.[6] Little is known about Ducker personally, though dozens of the artist's works have been sold at auction (including sales at Bonhams and Christie's, in addition to a number of other auction houses). Ducker is interchangeably known in art-reference sources as J. Ducker, J. M. Ducker, Jack Ducker, and Jack M. Ducker,[7] and possibly as John[8] or James Ducker.[9]


Jack M. Ducker's signature.

Ducker's Barbizon- and British-influenced landscapes emphasize various qualities of the Scottish and British countrysides.[10] Many of the painter's documented artworks feature a muddy, earthy color pallet with emphasis on the atmospheric and rusty color spectrum that the Scottish highland mountains provide.[11] Ducker's scenes are frequently idyllic and evoke a similar compositional structure.[12] Rocky mountains are often a focal point, with additional emphasis on other natural objects such as gnarled leafy trees, short shrubs, tall green grasses, and placid lakes and ponds.[13]

On occasion Ducker includes wildfowl and grazing animals, such as sheep, and the farmers who tend them.[14] Much of Ducker's documented brushwork is moderately tight with carefully controlled minute details applied with a fine brush or like instrument. Within the documented paintings, Ducker tends to sign in the lower left or right corners of the canvas with the signature "JMDucker" or "JDucker" – occasionally underlining the surname.[15]

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