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Jack Oliver (Born. London, England) is the former President of Apple Records (1969-1971), an entertainment executive and entrepreneur.

Oliver, replaced the man who had previously been his boss, Ron Kass, as the president of Apple Records after, Kass, who headed the label set up by The Beatles in 1968 and 1969, and was effectively forced from his position by the Beatles' new manager Allen Klein subsequent to being reputedly falsely accused of "financial impropriety".[1]

Oliver has said in print of the time "When Klein came in he canned Ron Kass. He canned a lot of people.. The Beatles put out a list and said 'These people cannot be fired'.. It was Derek [Taylor] , Peter Brown, myself, Neil Aspinall, and a few more....We had built up this company where you could be very artistic and free, a lot of good ideas floated and exchanged. People had fun working there.. They didn't just put in their eight hours. They were there all the time. Klein brought his people in and turned it into an accounting office"....[1]

Indeed according to late Apple Corps chief Aspinall who was also George Harrison's childhood friend, during the Klein reign eventually Oliver departed Apple as well, stating in a book interview.... Peter Asher went, Tony Bramwell went, Jack Oliver went. It wasn't just slimming down- it was end of story....[2]

Later among other acts Oliver independently managed the songwriter Tom Snow.[3]


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