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Jack Parow
Background information
Birth name Zander Tyler
Origin Parow, Cape Town, South Africa
Genres Hip hop, zef, rap, Afrikaans rap
Occupation(s) Rapper
Instruments Vocals
Labels Parowphernalia, Supra Familias, TopNotch
Associated acts Die Heuwels Fantasties
Die Antwoord
Garlic Brown
Francois Van Coke
Van Coke Kartel
Inge Beckmann

Zander Tyler (born 22 February 1982),[citation needed] better known by his stage name Jack Parow is an Afrikaans rapper from Parow, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. He is well known for his contribution to the song "Die Vraagstuk" with Die Heuwels Fantasties and performing with them at the Oppikoppi festival in 2009. He has contributed and collaborated with many notable artists such as Die Antwoord in their songs "Wat Pomp" and "Doos Dronk" and worked with Gazelle and DJ INVIZABLE in "Hosh Tokolosh" and Francois van Coke in "Hard Partytjie Hou", both from Parow's second full-length album, Eksie Ou.

Early life and career[edit]

Since a very young age Parow reportedly wanted to be a rapper, from the instant he heard Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle.

Due to the interest and rise of the "coolness" phenomena in Afrikaans culture brought on by the many popular South African music groups, he now pursues performing as his full-time career. Parow founded his own music label, Parowphernalia, performs voice over work, appears at various sponsored events and is also an actor, most recently appearing in the 2013 Ster Kinekor comedy film Babalas as Neef alongside Ian Roberts, Norman Anstey, Fats Bookholane and Tammy-Anne Fortuin.

Jack first started out rapping in English, but he soon decided that Afrikaans worked a lot better for him.


From an outsider's perspective,[according to whom?] Jack Parow appears to be a rough, take-no-nonsense kind of person who parties a lot and always speaks his mind. This being half true, Jack explained in an interview that he really is a nice guy who tries to avoid conflict – which seems to be a slight occupational hazard when he performs in small towns and places where sometimes his music and style are not welcomed as openly as they are at other venues. Parow also stated in a Dutch TV interview that he personally chose to avoid political and religious material in his work due to the sensitive nature of those subjects in South Africa. Parow's songs Die Vraagstuk (which he produced with Die Heuwels Fantasties) and Cooler as Ekke have become very popular in South Africa, Flanders and The Netherlands. Music videos for "Cooler as Ekke" and another single, "Dans Dans Dans" have been produced and are available for viewing on YouTube.[3][4]

Jack Parow's growing popularity is a result of the ever-changing South African sub-culture known locally as Zef which roughly translates to common in English.[citation needed] In an interview on Gamestate, Parow aptly describes the movement:

Despite his decision to avoid intentional political and religious material in his performances, in May 2012 the Afrikaans-language newspaper Beeld reported that annoyed concert goers had attempted to attack Parow during his set at a music festival in the town of Newcastle in the KwaZulu-Natal or 'KZN' province in South Africa. A small group of middle-aged men took offence to Parow cursing during his performances, which they deemed to be "blasphemous". When Parow was 45 minutes into his set, the festival organisers took to the stage and removed the microphone due to security concerns. Incidents like this are rare and usually effectively controlled by planning, the event organisers and security assets at the performances.[6]


Jack Parow's first release was the Cooler as ekke EP in December 2009. It was released on a USB flash drive in the shape of an ice-cream-cone and featured 10 songs and 6 full-length music videos. A limited run of 600 of these flash drives were produced and they sold out quickly.[citation needed]

Cooler As Ekke EP (2009)[edit]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Brackenfell Boys Choir (featuring Rufio Vegas)
  2. Cooler As Ekke (featuring Reënboogperde) (Skoon)
  3. Cooler As Ekke (featuring Reënboogperde)
  4. Dans, Dans, Dans (featuring Francois van Coke)
  5. Die Vraagstuk (remix; skoon)
  6. Die Vraagstuk (remix)
  7. Ek Wens Jy Was Myne
  8. Ma Se Mooiste Kinders
  9. Onder Draai Die Duiwel Joints
  10. Wie Hou Van Brandewyn Drink

Music Video listing[edit]

  1. Cooler As Ekke
  2. Cooler As Ekke – Taxijamkyz
  3. Mosambiek Beach Sessie
  4. Jack Parow – MK Ad
  5. Die Vraagstuk – Live
  6. MK Studio 1 Onderhoud
  7. Dans Dans Dans!
  8. Byellville
  9. Ons Behoort Mos Saam

Parow's first full-length album, the self-titled Jack Parow, was released in April 2010. This album reached gold sales status (500,000 copies) within two weeks of its release and platinum sales status (1,000,000 copies) less than one year later in February 2011.[citation needed] Collaborations with other artists on this release included Francois van Coke (Fokofpolisiekar & Van Coke Kartel), Die Heuwels Fantasties, rapper JR and others. The photos on the album sleeve were taken by Sacha Waldman who has photographed other notable artists such as Eminem, Jay-Z, David Bowie and 50 Cent.

Jack Parow (2010)[edit]

Track listing[edit]

1. Ek Wens Jy Was Myne
2. Hier's Hy Nou
3. Cooler as Ekke
4. Dans Dans Dans
5. Feite
6. I Miss
7. Ricky Louw
8. Farmhouse Brekvis
9. Die Vraagstuk Remix
10. Byellville
11. Word Wakker
12. Tussen Stasies
13. Parow to Paarl

Parow's second full-length album, Eksie Ou was released in November 2011 under his own newly created music label, Parowphernalia and produced by Justin de Nobrega. This album reached gold sales status (500,000 copies) within 4 months of its release.[citation needed] The first single from this album, "Hosh Tokolosh" featuring Gazelle and DJ INVIZABLE became the first Afrikaans-language single to ever reach number 1 on the 5FM radio station's Top 40 list in South Africa.[citation needed] The title track, "Eksie Ou" later became the second number 1 single from this album on the 5FM Top 40.[citation needed] Collaborations with other artists on this release included Dawid Kramer, Francois van Coke (Fokofpolisiekar and Van Coke Kartel), Pierre Greeff (Die Heuwels Fantasties), Haezer, P.H.Fat and SiboT.

In addition to the Eksie Ou and Eksie Ou Special Edition albums, Parow also released a line of signature head wear and Parow Braaisous, a sauce he created for the traditional South African Braai style of preparing meats and other foods over an open fire. It is technically different from barbecuing in that the wood fire is fed for several hours and then allowed to burn down. The food is then cooked over the red-hot embers.[citation needed]

Eksie Ou (2011)[edit]

Track listing[edit]

1. Eksie Ou
2. Hosh Tokolosh ft Gazelle and DJ INVIZABLE
3. Laat Ons Suip
4. Afrikaans is dood
5. Welkom Terug ft Pierre Greeff
6. Biscuits & Biltong ft David Kramer
7. Katerien
8. Hard Partytjie Hou ft Francois Van Coke
9. Bons ft Haezer
10. Spring Moederfokker ft P.H.Fat
11. Move Like a Monster ft SiboT
12. Last Laugh

The Special Edition version of the Eksie Ou album includes six additional bonus tracks including "Merry Xmas", a drinking game with included dice, a twelve page comic book and also features unique Special Edition packaging.

Eksie Ou Special Edition (2012)[edit]

Track listing[edit]

1. Eksie Ou
2. Hosh Tokolosh ft Gazelle and DJ INVIZABLE
3. Laat Ons Suip
4. Afrikaans is dood
5. Welkom Terug ft Pierre Greeff
6. Biscuits & Biltong ft David Kramer
7. Katerien
8. Hard Partytjie Hou ft Francois Van Coke
9. Bons ft Haezer
10. Spring Moederfokker ft P.H.Fat
11. Move Like a Monster ft SiboT
12. Last Laugh
13. Merry Xmas
14. P.A.R.T.Y
15. I'm Too Sexy
16. The Future ft Rattex
17. Afrikaans Is Dood (Tripwire Remix)
18. Eksie Ou (Narch Remix)

Nag Van Die Lang Pette (2014)[edit]

Released 7 February 2014

Track listing[edit]

1. Buckle Up
2. Bloubek
3. Trouble in Paradys
4. Ode to You
5. Fok Fokkity Fok
6. Fee Fi Fo Fum
7. Stuck in Limbo
8. Smoke Break
9. Bring Your Friends
10. Attack Kill Destroy
11. Sannie Se
12. Dans Met My
13. Veilig
14. Staan Op
15. Over & Out
16. Raak Rustig
17. Byelville (Acoustic)
18. Dis Befok
19. Tema Van Jou Lied
20. Dans Dans Dans (Acoustic)
21. Katerien (Acoustic)
22. Die Kruispad
23. Bietjie Nicci Beach
24. Eksie Ou (Acoustic)
25. Hard Partytjie Hou (Acoustic)
26. I Miss (Acoustic)
27. Tussen Stasies
28. Last Laugh (Acoustic)
29. Te Gechill


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