Jack Root

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Jack Root
Jack Root.jpg
Real name Janos Ruthaly
Rated at Light Heavyweight
Nationality Austrian/American
Born (1876-05-26)May 26, 1876
Frahelž, Bohemia, Czech Republic
Died June 10, 1963(1963-06-10) (aged 87)
Boxing record
Total fights 55
Wins 47
Wins by KO 28
Losses 3
Draws 3
No contests 2

Jack Root (May 26, 1876 – June 10, 1963) was a light heavyweight champion and also fought for the world heavyweight title. He fought out of Chicago.

Light heavyweight championship claim[edit]

Root (with the support of some historians) claimed that he was the first light heavyweight champion of the world. His bout with George Gardiner on July 4, 1903, is claimed by some to be the first title bout in the new division. Root contended that his manager, Lou Housman, created the division and billed the Root vs. Gardner fight, which Gardner won by knockout in the twelfth round. The fight was caught on film. Jack Root, George Gardner, and Bob Fitzsimmons all held the light heavyweight world championship title in 1903.

During the 1980s, however, some boxing historians found records indicating that Joe Choynski won a twenty-round decision over Jimmy Ryan on August 18, 1899, in a fight billed as being for the light heavyweight championship. Choynski never seems to have made any claim to be the first light heavyweight champion, however.[1]

Heavyweight title fight[edit]

On July 3, 1905, Root fought Marvin Hart for the vacant world heavyweight championship. The former champion, Jim Jeffries, had retired and declared that Hart and Root were the two top heavyweights. Jeffries refereed the fight to name the new champion, which Hart won by a twelfth-round knockout.

After boxing[edit]

Root served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Army during World War I. After his time in the service Root became the president and boxing manager of the renowned Los Angeles Olympic Auditorium.


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