Jack Rosen

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Jack Rosen
Born 1949
Occupation Chairman of American Jewish Congress, CEO of Rosen Partners LLC., International Board Member of Altimo
Known for Businessperson, Advocate

Jack Rosen (born c1949) is chairman of the American Jewish Congress. He is chief executive of a New York Real Estate firm, Rosen Partners LLC. and an international board member of Altimo.[1]

Rosen has advocated for Jewish causes and received appointments by US presidents from both parties. Under US President Bill Clinton, he was a presidential appointee to the United States Holocaust Memorial Council, as well as a member of the NASA Advisory Council and other roles. He was a US State Department delegate to the Organization of American States. [2] He was later close enough to President George W Bush to receive one of the president's famous nicknames: 'Rosey'.

Background and family[edit]

Rosen was born in Germany in a displaced persons camp. He moved with his family to the United States when he was four years old, but the family returned there for several years from when he was seven. The rest of his childhood took place in The Bronx neighborhood of New York City, where he later attended Columbus High School and later graduated from City University of New York with a degree in mathematics.[3]

He is married to Phyllis, and they have two adult children, Jordan and Daniel.


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