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Jack Rubinacci
Jack Rubinacci.jpg
Jack Rubinacci
Background information
Birth name Giuliano Alberto Brian Rubinacci
Born (1975-08-31) 31 August 1975 (age 39)
Origin Rome, Italy (Based in Norway)
Genres Alternative, indie rock
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter
Instruments Vocals, guitar, piano, drums, bass
Years active 1989–present
Labels Rar Records
Website www.JackRubinacci.com

Jack Rubinacci (born Giuliano Alberto Brian Rubinacci 31 August 1975) is an Anglo-Italian singer, musician and songwriter. His songs have been recorded or covered by several different well-known artists throughout the world.


Although Rubinacci was born in Rome, he moved to England at the age of 2, spending most of his childhood following his mother around where her work as an English school teacher took her, including Sicily and Birmingham. Aged 11 he met his father for the first time who worked as a piano bar player in Rome and was previously lead singer and bass player in the popular Italian band I Romans. Aged 14, Rubinacci followed in his father's footsteps and became lead singer of "Honeyman", a Birmingham, UK based funk/grunge band[1]

At 24, after having studied art at University of Central England, Rubinacci went solo and toured as the opening act for many international artists including, Jackson Browne, Joe Cocker, The Script, Scottish folk legend John Martyn, Tom McRae, Dar Williams, Ben Christophers, and Rodrigo y Gabriela.

In 2005 Rubinacci appeared on Italian TV as a guest on Destinazione San Remo.[2] In 2006 after a show, Rubinacci was approached by an investor who helped Rubinacci create his own record company, RAR Records. When it came to choose a producer for his debut album, Rubinacci approached his main choice, Tchad Blake. Blake described Rubinacci's song writing as some of the best he'd heard in long time.[3] The album was recorded at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studio with Jerry Marotta on drums

Rubinacci's debut album received mostly positive reviews.[4]

In September 2008 Rubinacci signed a tour deal with a clothes retailer in Norway.[5] The collaboration between an artist and a clothes retailer was the first of its kind in Norway and created a large amount of media interest.[6]

After an extensive tour for his debut album in 2008/9, Jack returned home and began writing his second album originally entitled The Glacier Bridge. However, both the title and the themes for the album changed when Rubinacci unexpectedly lost his best friend during the writing sessions. The album became The Opal Tree, and dealt with Rubinacci's struggle to understand the loss of his friend. The title for the album came from the name of the tree Rubinacci planted in his garden the day after he heard the news of his friend.[7][8]

Rubinacci's albums have now been sold and downloaded over 30,000 times.[9]

He recorded his second album in Washington, DC with Danish record producer Thomas Johansen and like his first was well received by music critics.[10]

In June 2012 Rubinacci was featured on the front page of Yahoo news in France as "International Discovery of the Week". His first single received positive reviews in France.

In the same month, Jack recorded a duet with rising Italian star Davide Mogavero. The song was written by Jack and was asked to guest on the track and also in the video. To date the video has received more than 250 000 views on all video channels.

In October 2012 Jack was asked to open for Lionel Richie Oslo Spektrum. Jack performed again at Oslo Spektrum in March 2014, this time opening for The Dixie Chicks at a sold out show

In the summer of 2014 Jack opened the largest and most important music festival in Norway, Norwegian Wood (music festival) opening for head line acts Arcade Fire and White Lies


  • The Boys at Twilight 2008
  • The Opal Tree 2012

Song writing and covers[edit]

Rubinacci has had his songs covered and recorded by several well-known artists with accumulated sells of over 6 million records. His songs have been featured on albums that have reached Top 5 on iTunes Album Chart (Italy) 2012, No 14 iTunes album Chart (Italy) 2011, No 26 Album Charts Italy 2012, and Top Ten Album Charts Asia 2012. [11][12][13][14][15][16][17] Most recently Asian super star A-do, covered one of Rubinacci's songs on his new album gaining positive critical acclaim in Asia.

In 2011 Rubinacci co wrote a song with Mogol, who is widely considered one of the greatest songwriters in the history of Italian music. The song "You Shine" is featured on the debut album by the popular Italian duo I Btwins.[18] Jack has also written songs for Davide Mogavero, the 2010 runner up in the Italian X Factor.[19]

Song writing

1) Amore in Ogni Cosa. Artist: Carlotta. Album: Promessa. 2002 (Italy)

2) 掛失/The Darkest Sun. Artist: A Do. Album: 9th Time Falling In Love. 2012. (Asia)

3) 好久-坤哥. Artist: Ken Yang. 2012. (Asia)

4) One Night Symphony. Abi F Jones. 2012. (UK)

5) Following A Light. James BKS. 2012 (USA)

6) Chocolate Covered Kiss. Artist: BTwins. Album: Dance Floor. 2012. (Italy)

7) How Do You Say Goodbye. Artist: BTwins. Album: Dance Floor. 2012. (Italy)

8) Slow Down. Artist: BTwins. Album: Dance Floor. 2012. (Italy)

9) Girl. Artist: BTwins. Album: Dance Floor. 2012. (Italy)

10) Dance Floor. Artist: BTwins. Album: Dance Floor. 2012. (Italy)

11) So Close To Love. Artist: BTwins. Album: Dance Floor. 2012. (Italy)

12) Benvenuto Al Mondo. Artist: Davide Mogavero. Album: Benvenuto Al Mondo. 2012. (Italy)

13) She Makes Me. Artist: Davide Mogavero. Album: Benvenuto Al Mondo. 2012. (Italy)

14) Take Me. Artist: Davide Mogavero. Album: Benvenuto Al Mondo. 2012. (Italy)

15) If I Could Only Keep My Head. Artist: Davide Mogavero. 2012 (Italy)

16) By The Gate. Artist: Davide Mogavero. 2012. (Italy)

17) Brilli (You Shine). Artist: BTwins. Album: BTwins. 2011

18) You Shine. Artist: BTwins. Album: BTwins. 2011. (Italy)

19) Ora. Artist: Davide Mogavero. 2012. (Italy)

20) Anna C'e. Artist: Davide Mogavero. 2012. (Italy)

21) Already Gone. Artist: Rex Riot. 2013. (USA)

22) In The Light Of Day. Artist: Rex Riot. 2013. (USA)


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