Jack Tretton

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Jack Tretton
Jack Tretton, President & CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment of America.jpg
Born 1961
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Occupation Former President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America
Term 2006-2014
Successor Shawn Layden

Jack Tretton[1] is the former President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA), a division of Sony Computer Entertainment, which is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation.[2] During his time with Sony, he was primarily responsible for the company's United States market.[citation needed]


After graduation from Providence College with a science degree, New England-born Tretton became a territory manager for the Duracell battery company from 1983 through 1985.[3] He served as vice president of sales at Activision from 1986 to 1991, and as general manager of JVC Musical Industries’ game division from 1991 to 1995.[3] While at JVC, he was awarded Sega’s CD Game of the Year Award two years in a row.[3]

After joining the Sony Corporation in March 1995, Tretton was a member of the team that founded PlayStation in September of that year.[3] He was involved in the development and publishing of the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 game consoles, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Move, and PlayStation Vita.[3]

In November 2006, Tretton was promoted to president and chief executive officer for Sony Computer Entertainment America.[3]

Tretton presented the Sony E3 conferences from 2007-2013.

In May 2010, Tretton appeared alongside Kevin Butler in an Artist Spotlight video for ModNation Racers.[4]

On March 6, 2014, it was announced that Tretton would step down from his position at the end of the month, citing a mutual agreement between himself and SCEA not to renew his contract. He was replaced by Shawn Layden, who was previously the vice-president and chief operating officer (COO) of Sony Network Entertainment International.[5]

Professional reputation

Tretton had been known for making a number of controversial comments, which detractors claim are belittling and uninformed, including referring to the Wii as a "lollipop" and the Xbox 360 an "unreliable cook."[6] Most recently, in touting Sony's portable gaming device, the PlayStation Vita, Tretton noted that the competing Nintendo 3DS provides a "Game Boy experience", claiming adults would not want to be seen using one.

Our view of the 'Game Boy experience' is that it's a great babysitting tool, something young kids do on airplanes, but no self-respecting twenty-something is going to be sitting on an airplane with one of those. He's too old for that.

—Jack Tretton[7]

Despite his comments in 2011, he later stated on February 22, 2012 (North American launch of the Vita) that he's "a believer in a rising tide lifting all boats," and that "a successful Nintendo or a successful gaming industry is good for anybody that's in the gaming business." [8]


He was born in the New England region of the United States of America.[3] Tretton works with the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto, California – which is affiliated with the Stanford University School of Medicine. He works with the hospital’s administration to provide the children with PlayStations and games.[3]


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