Jackie Chan Stuntmaster

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Jackie Chan Stuntmaster
Developer(s) Radical Entertainment
Publisher(s) Midway Games
Platform(s) PlayStation
Release date(s) March 29, 2000
Genre(s) Beat 'em up
Mode(s) Single player
Distribution CD

Jackie Chan Stuntmaster is a PlayStation game based on the actor and martial artist Jackie Chan.

Made by Radical Entertainment, the game sees the player in the shoes of Jackie Chan who must fight his way past numerous villains in different locations across the city of New York.


Jackie's grandfather (Fredrick) has been kidnapped and Jackie needs to get him back. This means fighting his way through New York to get to him. Jackie also faces a number of different challenges in which the player must use a combination of moves to succeed. The game boasts 15 fully 3D levels with different environmental obstacles to cross.


While making the game, Radical Entertainment consulted Jackie at every point so as to give the game the feeling of a Jackie Chan film. This included using Jackie for motion capture so that the character in the game was performing the same moves as the man himself. Jackie also provided his voice for game. Also, when the player completes the game, a video is shown of Jackie talking about the game and also of him during the motion capture.


The following are character profiles quoted from the game.

Jackie Chan
  • Age = 35
  • Fighting Style = Chinese Kung Fu
  • Dislikes = Every boss on this game
  • Country = Hong Kong, China.


Chef Warren
  • Age = 51
  • Likes = His Kitchen
  • Dislikes = People entering his kitchen
  • Country = New York, USA
Barney Barry
  • Age = 40
  • Likes = Himself
  • Dislikes = Jackie Chan
  • Country = New York, USA
Terry Clown
  • Age = 49
  • Fighting Style = Boxing
  • Dislikes = Miniplayer
  • Country =New York, USA
Disco Danny
  • Age = 30
  • Likes = Disco
  • Dislikes = Cartoons
  • Country = Chicago, USA
  • Age = 50
  • Fighting style = Kung fu
  • Likes = Boss of a factory
  • Dislikes = be defeated
  • Country = Hong Kong, China.


The game is basically a third-person beat'em up game, involving Jackie Chan, whom the player takes control of, travelling through various levels including the waterfront, sewers, rooftops, factories and the like while punching, kicking and fighting his way through various enemies. Much like a Jackie Chan movie, Jackie can also interact, in a minimal way, with objects nearby, such as picking mops, frying pans and other things to use against his opponents.

At the end of each level, Jackie will have to confront a boss, which has a life bar that is double the amount compared to Jackie's, and will have to defeat the boss to move onwards. Dragon medals are awarded at each level, and collecting those eventually unlocks a new level, an alternate costume for Jackie, and a development movie where Jackie can be seen performing motion-capture.


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