Jackpot (2001 film)

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Jackpot2001 dvd cover.jpg
Jackpot DVD Cover
Directed by Michael Polish
Produced by Mark Polish
Michael Polish
James Egan
Marlise Karlin
Jon Gries
Michael Huens
Written by Mark Polish
Michael Polish
Starring Jon Gries
Garrett Morris
Adam Baldwin
Patrick Bauchau
Crystal Bernard
Mac Davis
Anthony Edwards
Daryl Hannah
Peggy Lipton
Rick Overton
Music by Stuart Matthewman
Cinematography M. David Mullen
Edited by Shawna Callahan
Distributed by Sony Pictures Classics
Release dates
Running time
97 min.
Country United States
Language English

Jackpot is a 2001 comedy-drama film directed by Michael Polish and written by Michael and his brother, Mark Polish. It had a limited release in the USA on July 27, 2001.

Plot summary[edit]

Sunny Holiday, an aspiring singer, abandons his wife and young daughter to embark on a tour of karaoke bars in search of the elusive big break that will catapult him to country music stardom. Living out of a pink Chrysler for months, he and his manager meet various strangers along the way, all of whom they inevitably alienate by trying to sell a concentrated household cleaner or committing some other faux pas. Eventually, the frustrations fueled by their many disappointments nearly tear their friendship apart, and they are forced to return to the lives they had left behind.


Awards and nominations[edit]

Independent Spirit Awards

  • Won: John Cassavetes Award, Michael Polish (director/producer/writer), Mark Polish (producer/writer) (2002)
  • Nominated: Best Supporting Male, Garrett Morris (2002)

New American Cinema Award

  • Won: Michael Polish

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