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Jacobite consorts are those who were married to a Jacobite pretender to the thrones of England, Scots and Ireland since the abdication of James II in 1688. By Jacobites they are thus regarded, if female, as rightful Queen Consorts of England, Scots and Ireland. Since the death of Marie-Jenke, Duchess of Bavaria in 1983, there has been no Jacobite consort; the current pretender, Franz, Duke of Bavaria, is not married.

After 1807, the succession passed from the House of Stuart, and none of the Jacobite heirs since has actually claimed the thrones of England and Scotland or incorporated the arms of England and Scotland in their coats-of-arms.

Portrait Name Father Birth Marriage Became consort Ceased to be consort Death Spouse
Mary of Modena by Antonio David.JPG Mary of Modena Alfonso IV d'Este, Duke of Modena
5 October 1658 30 September 1673 (by proxy) 6 February 1685
husband's accession

11 December 1688 (England) / 11 May 1689 (Scotland)
husband became pretender
16 September 1701
husband's death
7 May 1718 James II & VII
Maria Clementina Sobieska.jpg Maria Clementina Sobieska James Louis Sobieski
18 July 1702 3 September 1719 18 January 1735 James III & VIII
Louise, Countess d'Albany.jpg Princess Louise of Stolberg-Gedern Prince Gustav Adolf of Stolberg-Gedern 20 September 1752 28 March 1772 (by proxy) 31 January 1788
husband's death
29 January 1824 Charles III
Maria Teresa d'Austria-Este.jpg Maria Theresa of Austria-Este
Queen of Sardinia
Ferdinand, Duke of Breisgau
1 November 1773 25 April 1789 6 October 1819
husband's accession
10 January 1824
husband's death
29 March 1832 Victor
FrancIVEste.jpg Francis IV, Duke of Modena 6 October 1779 20 June 1812 10 January 1824
wife's accession
15 September 1840
wife's death
21 January 1846 Mary III & II
Adelgunde Auguste Charlotte of Bavaria.jpeg Princess Adelgunde of Bavaria
Duchess of Modena
Ludwig I of Bavaria
19 March 1823 20 March 1842 20 November 1875
husband's death
28 January 1914 Francis I
König Ludwig III. von Bayern.jpg Ludwig III of Bavaria Luitpold, Prince Regent of Bavaria
7 January 1845 20 February 1868 20 November 1875
wife's accession
3 February 1919
wife's death
18 October 1921 Mary IV & III
Princess Antonia of Luxembourg.jpg Princess Antonia of Luxembourg
Crown Princess of Bavaria
William IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg
7 October 1899 7 April 1921 31 July 1954 Robert I & IV
- Countess Maria Draskovich of Trakostjan
Duchess of Bavaria
Count Dionys Maria Draskovich of Trakostjan
8 March 1904 3 September 1930 2 August 1955
husband's accession
10 June 1969 Albert
- Countess Marie-Jenke Keglevich of Buzin
Duchess of Bavaria
Count Stephan Keglevich of Buzin
(Keglević of Buzin)
23 April 1921 21 April 1971 5 October 1983

Henry Benedict Stuart (pretender 1788-1807, as Henry IX & I) and Franz, Duke of Bavaria (pretender 1996-present, as Francis II) never married (Henry was a Catholic priest, bishop, and cardinal). Marie Clotilde of France, wife of Charles Emmanuel IV of Sardinia (pretender 1807-1819, as Charles IV), died before her husband became pretender, as did Duchess Marie Gabrielle in Bavaria, first wife of Rupprecht, Crown Prince of Bavaria (Robert I & IV).

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