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Jacoby Shaddix
Papa roach sziget2010 erdoedy.jpg
Shaddix on stage in Budapest in 2010
Background information
Birth name Jacoby Dakota Shaddix
Also known as Coby Dick
Jonny Vodka
John Doe
Dakota Gold
Jacobo Insonico
Born (1976-07-28) July 28, 1976 (age 38)
Mariposa, California
Genres Hard rock, alternative metal, alternative rock, nu metal, rap metal, rap rock, post-hardcore
Occupations Musician, singer-songwriter, rapper, TV Presenter
Instruments Vocals, bass guitar, drums, clarinet
Years active 1993–present
Labels Eleven Seven Music, DGC/Interscope, Geffen, DreamWorks
Associated acts Papa Roach
Fight the Sky
Website www.paparoach.com
Notable instruments

Jacoby Dakota Shaddix (born July 28, 1976) is an American songwriter and lead singer for the rock band Papa Roach, as well as the lead singer for the unofficially defunct post-hardcore band Fight the Sky under the pseudonym 'John Doe.' Shaddix was also the host of MTV show Scarred in 2007.[1]

Early life[edit]

Shaddix's parents divorced when he was six. Shaddix has two younger brothers, Trevor and Bryson. In his youth, he went to Vacaville High School where he played the clarinet in the school orchestra. Shaddix and Dave Buckner founded Papa Roach in 1993. Shaddix started out playing drums but found quickly that Dave was much better than him. Shaddix then decided to pick up bass to play a part in a band but his bass was stolen. After this he defaulted to singing. While 17, Shaddix started to work as a dishwasher to be able to finance his apartment with a friend. This job changed to a janitor in a hospital until he gave it all up for Papa Roach in 1999 so he could dedicate himself to the music he loved.

Personal life[edit]

On July 19, 1997, Shaddix married his high-school sweetheart, Kelly Michelle Shaddix, with whom he has three sons, Makaile Cielo Shaddix, born March 24, 2002 and Jagger Monroe Shaddix, born September 13, 2004, Brixton Gabriel Shaddix, born September 19, 2013. Jacoby regularly brings Kelly and his sons on tour with him. Jacoby and Kelly had a rocky relationship. It was reported that they split up during the making of the 2012 record The Connection, and was confirmed during an interview with the band on Guitar Center: Sessions. Jacoby has written about their dysfunctional relationship in the songs She Loves Me Not, Time and Time Again, Decompression Period, Wish You Never Met Me, Leader of the Broken Hearts and Walking Dead. The couple have since reconciled. On March 5, 2013, during an interview with Rockline Radio, Jacoby confirmed that his wife was pregnant with their third child. At the 2013 Relentless Kerrang! Awards Shaddix revealed that they were expecting another boy. On September 19, 2013 Brixton Gabriel Shaddix was born. He was named after the Brixton Academy in London.

Drug and alcohol addiction[edit]

Although he has struggled with drug addiction in the past, Jacoby's main problem is with alcohol. In an early interview he admitted that he needed alcohol to help deal with not seeing his family while on tour. "I've got a little photo album of my baby, every day I just look at it and go, "You're so cute, man. I love you. And then I also need a bottle of vodka." Jacoby has written about his battles with alcohol in the songs "Binge" and "Black Clouds". Jacoby has also spoken of his self-harming and suicidal thoughts in interviews. "[I was] a cutter for a while, and it really just got to a point. I was suicidal, and then I wanted to die, and then I realized that I didn't want to die. It was just like this whole - I was just in a cloud, so I had to get sober." Shaddix has written about his addictions and suicidal thoughts in the songs "Last Resort" and "Before I Die".

Music career[edit]

Papa Roach[edit]

Main article: Papa Roach

Jacoby Shaddix is the founding member of Papa Roach. He formed the band with former drummer Dave Buckner, bassist Will James, and guitarist Ben Luther, in 1993. Ben was replaced by current guitarist Jerry Horton, Tobin Esperance replacing Will James following his departure. Dave Buckner's role was filled by Tony Palermo, leaving Jacoby the only original member in the band. The band's name Papa Roach, derives from Shaddix' step-grandfather, Howard William Roatch, who went by the nickname 'Papa Roach'. Howard committed suicide in 2006 following a diagnosis with an unspecified form of advanced stage cancer. The song 'Roses On My Grave' was written in his memory. Before releasing their major label debut album Infest, Papa Roach recorded and published an EP in 1994 entitled 'Potatoes For Christmas'. In 1997, their first full-length album, entiltled Old Friends from Young Years, was released.

Shaddix stopped using rapping in later Papa Roach songs. In an interview in 2004, Shaddix said that he became disenchanted with hip hop and what it represented in the media and stated that "I just want to be a rocker".[2] However, in 2012, Jacoby Shaddix started rapping again in the album The Connection, and even stated that it felt good to be rapping again.


Shaddix hosted the MTV show Scarred, which ran for two seasons, spanning April to September 2007. The demands of touring forced him to leave the show. 'Scarred' featured victims of skateboarding, biking, or other extreme sports-related injuries. It involved Jacoby introducing the victims before a clip of the recorded incident, or a dramatic rendition of the incident, followed by a commentary from the victim himself/herself about the injury, as well as the treatment required. The show drew its name from the Papa Roach song Scars.


Shaddix has many tattoos. One of the first tattoos he got was his wife's name across his right arm, done when he was 21 years old . Many of his tattoos are text pieces: "Born To Rock" is across his clavicle, 'love' and 'hate' on his left and right hands, as well as the names of sons on each wrist. On the left side of his chest, he has a queen surrounded by water, and on the right is a king surrounded by flames. Jacoby has said this represents the good and evil in him. On his right is a scroll which reads, "Here Lies Jacoby Dakota Shaddix", "Born With Nothing, Die With Everything", which is also the name of a song from LoveHateTragedy. On his left arm he has a house in flames, which references the band's song "Broken Home", and a coffin which references their song "Harder Than A Coffin Nail". On the back of his neck, Jacoby and his wife Kelly have the Chinese symbol for love, which he spoke about in an episode of MTV Cribs.

Shaddix has used various pseudonyms throughout his career including Coby Dick, Johnny Vodka, John Doe, Dakota Gold and Jacobo Insonico.

Charity work[edit]

In August 2014, Shaddix participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and donated to the ALS Association.


Papa Roach[edit]

Fight the Sky[edit]

  • Seven Deadly Songs

Other appearances[edit]

Year Song Artist Album
2003 "Conquer the World" Die Trying Die Trying
2005 "Forever in Our Hearts" (feat. Mya, Nate Dogg, Sonny Sandoval, Jacoby Shaddix, FeFe Dobson, Pete Loeffler, Ben Jelen & Ben Moody) Brian McKnight Single[3]
2007 "Americans" X Clan Return from Mecca
2009 "Outta control"(feat. Jacoby Shaddix and Travis Barker) Mams Taylor Unreleased[4]
2010 "Smoke on the Water" Carlos Santana Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time
2011 "Warning" Skindred Union Black
"Not The End Of The World" Shahanaz Single[5]
2014 "The Future" Ronnie Radke Watch Me mixtape[6]
"Out Of Control" Glamour Of The Kill After Hours (EP)


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