Jacques Cassini

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Jacques Cassini
Jacques Cassini.jpg
Jacques Cassini
Born (1677-02-18)18 February 1677
Paris Observatory
Died 16 April 1756(1756-04-16) (aged 79)
Fields Astronomy

Jacques Cassini (18 February 1677 – 16 April 1756) was a French astronomer, son of the famous Italian astronomer Giovanni Domenico Cassini.

Cassini was born at the Paris Observatory. Admitted at the age of seventeen to membership of the French Academy of Sciences, he was elected in 1696 a fellow of the Royal Society of London, and became maître des comptes in 1706. Having succeeded to his father's position at the observatory in 1712, he measured in 1713 the arc of the meridian from Dunkirk to Perpignan, and published the results in a volume entitled Traité de la grandeur et de la figure de la terre (1720). He also wrote Eléments d'astronomie (1740), and died at Thury, near Clermont.

He published the first tables of the satellites of Saturn in 1716.

The asteroid 24102 Jacquescassini is named after him.


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