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The Jacuí River (Portuguese pronunciation: [ʒakuˈi]) is a river in Rio Grande do Sul state of southern Brazil. The Jacuí empties into the Guaíba River, an estuarine arm of the Lagoa dos Patos, a large coastal lagoon connected to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Jacuí River, known as 'Rio Jacuí' in Portuguese, has its origins in the highlands east of Passo Fundo.[1] From there it flows south and then east for nearly 300 miles. The Taquari, Caí, Sinos, and Gravataí rivers merge into the Jacuí near its mouth. At Porto Alegre, near the Atlantic coast, the Jacuí transforms into a shallow estuary, known as the Guaíba River, and flows into the Patos Lagoon.[1] Boats can travel up the river as far as Cachoeira do Sul.

The Jacuí River near Porto Alegre


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Coordinates: 30°01′58″S 51°14′46″W / 30.0328°S 51.2461°W / -30.0328; -51.2461