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Jade Tree International, Inc. was an independent record label formed by Darren Walters and Tim Owen in August 1991, out of Wilmington, Delaware.

Walters and Owen had both owned independent straight edge hardcore record labels, separately known as Hi-Impact Records and Axtion Packed Records respectively, before starting Jade Tree together due to the then decline of the genre. Their new label had started off with mostly post-hardcore and noise rock bands, but later incorporated emo, punk, melodic hardcore and experimental groups into their line-up.

Although college often got in the way of their plans, the label had a stable roster by 1995. Several bands who have signed with Jade Tree have released moderately successful albums which saw regular radio play, including Alkaline Trio, Pedro the Lion, Jets to Brazil, and Joan of Arc. The label appears to have gone on a backburner, with only sporadic releases since 2009. This hiatus may be a result of the February 2009 announcement that Chicago indie Touch and Go Records would cease manufacturing and distribution for many other labels, including Jade Tree.

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