Jaded (film)

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Jaded film.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Caryn Krooth
Produced by Charles Block
Caryn Krooth
Wendy Olinger
Written by Caryn Krooth
Wendy Olinger
Starring Carla Gugino
Richard Bright
Music by Benedikt Brydern
Cinematography Tom Hurwitz
Edited by Mary Morrisey
City Block Productions
Running time
95 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Jaded is a 1998 film co-written and directed by Caryn Krooth.


Megan (Carla Gugino), is found naked and lying unconscious on a beach. It is presumed that Megan was raped and a local detective (Aida Turturro) begins investigating. As the investigation continues, it is discovered that Megan was raped by two women. This presents the local authorities with the legal dilemma of whether women can be convicted of rape.

Principal cast[edit]

Actor Role
Carla Gugino Megan 'Meg' Harris
Richard Bright Zack Brown
Robert Knepper Freddie
Peter McRobbie Dr. Mancuso
Aida Turturro Det. Helen Norwich
Catherine Dent Lisa Heller
Christopher McDonald Jack Carlson
Rya Kihlstedt Patricia 'Pat' Long
Anna Levine Alexandra 'Alex' Arnold
Danny Aiello III Kurt Arnold
Daniel McDonald Bart

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