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Jae Chong
Born (1972-01-08) January 8, 1972 (age 42)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Origin Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupations Songwriter, Record producer

Jae Chong (born January 8, 1972) is a musician and producer known for his works in the Asian music scene. He has written and produced for many artists such as LA BOYZ, Stanley Huang, and more recently Aziatix.


Jae’s professional music career started in the underground hip hop world of Los Angeles during the early 1990s, producing local rap groups such as Baby G, The Funky Few, and Soul Selection. He was one of the three original members of the group "SOLID" (as well as the writer and producer), which was the first R&B group in South Korea with record sales exceeding 4 million. Jae then shifted his focus to the Asian music scene by writing and producing songs for various artists all over Asia. He went on to earn critical acclaim and countless awards and credits for writing and producing for many international superstars like Coco Lee, Kim Gun Mo, Shin Seung Hun, Stanley Huang and LA BOYZ.[1][2]

In 2003 he also took part in launching the first hip hop entertainment company in Taiwan called MACHI Entertainment which helped launched many successful artists including the group Machi (hip hop group), Andrew Chou, Nicky Lee and Melody Yeung. He was also the first Korean American ever to be nominated for the Best Producer of the Year at the Golden Melody Awards and won various awards for hit albums, two of which were Stanley Huang and Nicky Lee (who he discovered and produced for) who won the Best Male Artist of the Year award at the 2005 and 2006 Golden Melody Awards respectively.[3][4] In 2010, he helped coordinate the collaboration project between JYJ, Kanye West, and Rodney Jerkins.[5]

In the year of 2011, he founded the hip-hop/R&B group Aziatix.[6]

Credit list[edit]

  • Coco Lee (International) – Top Selling International Female artist in both Asia and the United States
    • Singles “Love You If I Want”, “Still In Love With You” on her “Sincere” Album (1997)
    • Single “We Can Dance” on her “Today Forever” album (1999)
    • Single “So Crazy”, “Let Go”, “I’m Still In Love”, “Final Countdown” on her “Promise” album (2001)
    • Composed and produced song “BYOB”, “Ready or Not” (2009)
    • Produced the song “Maybe” (2009)
  • Vanness Wu (Asia) – Member of the Asian Super Group “F4
    • Composed and produced the song “Nah Geuh Neu Tsun”
    • Vanness Wu 2nd album (2006) Composed and produced 8 songs.
    • Composed and produced the song “It’s Ya Girl” for his Japanese EP (2009)
  • Shin Seung Hoon (Korea) – Top Selling ballad singer of all time in Korea
    • "Goodbye" on 7th album (2000) (Sold 1 million)
  • BoA (Asia) – International Asian star; dominating both the Korean and Japanese Charts
    • Composed and produced “Let U Go” on her 2nd album (1999)
  • A-mei (Taiwan) – The most successful female pop singer of Taiwan
    • Composed and produced the singles “Wu Tzo Wei” and “Jah Shing Shing” on her 2003 release.
  • B Real (USA)
    • Composed and produced the song “Garden of Paradise” (2006) for the movie “Splinter”
  • Li Bing Bing (China/Asia)
    • Composed and produced the song “Yu Gan” (2009) Opening song for the movie “Forbidden Kingdom”
  • Jane Zhang (China/Asia)
    • Composed and produced the song “Hero” (2008) End credit song for the movie “Forbidden Kingdom”
  • Bi Bi (China)
    • Composed and produced the song “Deserted Island” (2007)
  • J (Korea) – Female R&B artist in Korea firmly entrenched in the top of the charts
    • Composed and produced Singles “Scent of You” and “Tonight” on her 1st debut album.
  • Stanley Huang (Taiwan)
    • First Debut Album (2000) produced and written 9 songs including singles “Remember Me” and “Cold Shower”
    • Second Album (2001) produced and written 7 tracks including the singles “Circus Monkey”, “I Need A Holiday” and “Show Me Your Demons”
    • Third Album (2002) produced/written/co‐written the entire album.
    • Fourth Album (2004) produced/written/co‐written the entire album. (Nominated for the Golden Melody Awards for the Best Album of the Year; Stanley Huang won the award for the Best Male Artist of the Year)
    • Fifth Album (2006) produced/written/co‐written the entire album.
    • Sixth Album (2007) produced/written/co‐written the entire album.
    • Seventh Album (2008) produced/written/co‐written the entire album. (2 Nominations for the Golden Melody Awards 2009 for Best Album and Best Producer of the Year)
  • Nicky Lee (Taiwan/China)
    • Composed and produced five albums (Nicky won the award for the Best Male Artist of

the Year in 2007)

  • Kim Gun Mo (Korea) – One of the most successful artists in Korean history, featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for most records sold relative to population
    • "Nightmares" on 4th album "Exchange" (1997) (Sold 2 million)
    • "Chameleon" on 5th album "Myself" (1998) (Sold 1.7 million)
    • "Happy Days" on 6th album "Growing" (1999) (Sold 1.5 million)
  • Solid (Korea) – All produced/written/performed by Jae Chong
    • Second Album (1995) ‐ (1st R&B album to sell over million copies in Korea)
    • Third Album (1996) ‐ (1 million sold)
    • Fourth Album (1997) ‐ (700,000 sold)
  • Jolin Tsai (Taiwan) – An idol star with one of the largest followings in Asia
    • Composed and produced the song “Babyface” on her 3rd album Show Your Love. (2000)
  • Elva Hsiao (Taiwan)
    • Composed and produced first hit single “Capuccino” on her debut album. (First #1 song produced by a foreign producer) (1999)
    • “Weather Outside” and “Do You Know?” on her 2nd album (2000) *”Weather Outside” was used for a commercial campaign for the De Beers jewelry company
    • Produced four tracks on her 3rd album (2001) including the international hit “The One”
    • Single “Come Closer to Me” on her 4th album (2001) plus remixed the song “And I Know”
    • Composed and produced the single “Wanna Lover” on her 5th album (2003)
    • Composed and produced the single “L.O.V.E” (2006).
    • Composed and produced the single “Cha Cha” (2008)
    • Produced the songs “What Do U Think” and “Worth It” (2009)
  • Tao Tzu (Taiwan)
    • Composed and produced Single “Dreamin’” on her latest album “Momoko” (2001) used on Momoko 2001 Create Collection Fashion Show.
  • Park Mi Kyung (Korea) – One of the biggest female artists in Korea
    • Composed and produced 5 tracks on her 4th album (1999) including her singles “Faithful” and “Different Love”
  • LA BOYZ (Taiwan) – One of the top selling Pop Group in Taiwanese music history
    • 12 albums (1992–1997)
  • Chae Jung Ahn (Korea)
    • Composed and produced the hit single “Precious Love” on her 2nd Album (2001)
  • VOICE (Korea) – R&B Group
    • Composed and produced all 10 songs on their debut release including the hit single “Your Angel”.
  • Uhm Jung Hwa (Korea) – The biggest female artist in Korea
    • Produced/Co‐written her smash hit single “Hidden Pictures” on her 4th album (1998) (500,000+ sold).
    • Produced/Written “Tell Me” on her 5th album (1999)
  • Ryu Shi Won (Korea) – Korean actor and singer
    • Composed and produced his debut album “Change” (1995)
  • Kang Susie (Korea)
    • Composed and produced the song “hopeless lovers” on her sixth Album (1995)
  • MACHI (Taiwan) – 1st real Hip Hop group ever to achieve commercial success in Taiwan
    • Composed & produced both first and the third album. (2003–2005) including the remix of “Work It” by Missy Elliott.
  • Andrew Chou (Taiwan) – The youngest entertainer to ever achieve commercial success
    • Composed & produced 8 tracks on the 1st album including the hit single “Pi Li Pa Lah”
    • Composed & produced 2 tracks on the 2nd album
  • Melody Yeung (Taiwan)
    • Composed and produced the single “The Perfect Pair” (2008)
  • TENSION (Taiwan)
    • Composed & arranged the song “I Need U So Bad” on their album “Gotta Be Your Man” (2003)
  • Sandy Lam (Hong Kong)
    • Composed and arranged the songs “Now or Never”(2000) and “You Can’t Have It Back” (2001)
  • Ding Dang (Taiwan)
    • Composed and produced the single “Night Cat” (2009)
  • Suki (Malaysia)
    • Composed & produced the songs “Without U”, “Ladies’ Night”, and “Walk Away” (2009)
  • JYJ (Korea, USA)
    • Wrote, arranged and produced the song “Be the One” on The Beginning (2010)


  • Sledge (2005) (USA) - Music Score
  • SPLINTER (2006) (USA) - Score and Soundtrack
  • Forbidden Kingdom (2008) (Asia) - End credit song "Heroes" performed by Jane Zhang
  • Go La La Go (2010) (Asia) - End credit song "GO!" performed by Stanley Huang


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