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Jaerock Lee

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This is a Korean name; the family name is Lee.
Jaerock Lee
Born 1943
Muan County, Jeollanam Province, Republic of Korea
Nationality South Korean
Occupation Pastor, Author
Religion Christian, Evangelical
Spouse(s) Boknim Lee
Jaerock Lee
Hangul 이재록
Hanja 李載祿

Jaerock Lee (born 1943, Muan County, Jeollanam-do, South Korea) is a Christian author and the senior pastor of the Manmin Central Church in Seoul.[1] Manmin means ‘all creation; all the nations; all the people.’ The church was founded by Lee in 1982.[2] In 2004, Lee formed a global Christian television network to spread the Gospel all over the world. The station, called GCN was launched in October 2005,[3] and its programs are aired through Christian channels like Enlace and TBN Russia. His books have been translated into many languages.[4] Major Christian newspapers like The Christian Post,[5] Christian Today, and Charisma (magazine),[6] have featured Lee's ministries.

He was selected as one of the Top 10 Most Influential Christian Leaders in 2009 and 2010 by the Christian Telegraph, a Christian portal site.[7]

His members claimed that he has an ability to heal through prayer.[8] He claims to have 120,000 members throughout the world in 9,000 member churches.[9]

Lee is currently president of The United Holiness Church of Korea,[10] chairman of United Holiness Theological Seminary, and the permanent president of the World Christianity Revival Mission Association.[11]

Manmin Central church claims to have the largest number of churches in Korea.[12]

Early life

Before he converted, Lee had been sick for 7 years.[13] He attempted to commit suicide several times, but one day his elder sister took him to a Korean healing evangelist, after which he claims his illnesses disappeared.[14][15]

1982 - 1999

Lee founded Manmin Central Church in July 1982[16] with just 13 members.[17] The number of registered members continued to increase rapidly and passed 3,000 within 5 years of the founding. In this period, many church organizations such as Prayer Warriors' Mission, Volunteers' Mission, Choirs, and Performing Arts Committee have been organized.[17]

The church is actively involved in community service. It has established "The Relief Committee" that regularly provides living expenses and scholarships to elderly people who live along and young people who find themselves as heads of households. For the elderly in collaboration with government offices, the church operates the "Manmin Welfare Town", a welfare institution. Other welfare institutions include "Joint Weddings" for disabled couples "Mission House" to assist foreigners living and working in South Korea, "Medical Mission", a group of medical professionals among Manmin members, visits social welfare institutions and offers free medical examinations. "The Edification and Welfare Mission" visits youth detention centers and prisons to worship together with inmates and presents them with gifts.[17] Lee made a contribution for the construction of a hall for the aged.[18]

Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee makes the progress report in Peaceful Re-unification Jublilee Crusade in Seoul, Korea(1995)

In the 1990s his church has witnessed a drastic increase in the number of church members in and outside Korea and the church was able to establish a new denomination.[17] In 1993 his church was selected as one of the “World's Top 50 Churches” by the Christian World magazine (US).[19][20] Lee was the head of the “World Holification Crusade” in 1992 in Yoido, and he was the chairman of the 1994 “Holy Spirit Seoul Explosive Crusade”, and the Administrative President of the “Peace Re-Unification Crusade for the 50th anniversary of Independence Day of Korea” in 1995.[21] He has been Chairman of the Korean Christian Association and the World Evangelization Central Association, and the President of the National Evangelism Campaign Center and the Evangelization Council for Prosecutory Officials.[22] In 1995, Lee preached about the secret of church revival to the 1,000 pastors in Korea.[23] In 1997, his church choir participated in Choir Festival in commemoration of FEBC's 22nd anniversary;[24] FEBC stands for Far East Broadcasting Company(Chairman : Billy Kim, CEO : 한기붕[25]).

In 1999, Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, a South Korean television broadcaster, aired a documentary critical of Jaerock Lee. In response, 300 Manmin Central Church members invaded the television station, attacking security guards and breaking into the station control room to cut the power, while another 1,500 organised a sit-down protest in a nearby street; 600 riot police were needed to restore order. The station had previously been prevented by court order from airing a story on Lee's sex life.[26] MBC filed a lawsuit against the church and 61 people involved in the attack, seeking damages of 2.7 billion; the Seoul Southern District Court granted damages in the amount of ₩696 million in November 2000 against the church and some of the participants in the attack, but threw out the case against Lee himself.[27]

2000 to 2009


Lee has taken the initiative to missionary works in the United States, Russia, the Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Pakistan, Argentina, Honduras, India, Germany, Peru, DR Congo, USA, Israel and Estonia.[12][17]


In July 2000, Lee visited Uganda to lead the Uganda United Crusade. The Korean Missionary Association in Uganda released a statement in connection with this visit, describing Lee as a "cult leader" and stating that he was "not well accepted by Korean Churches", due to an alleged July 1998 statement by Lee that he was "sinless and exempted from dying".[28] Representatives of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, including Jehoash Myanza Nkangi, the minister of Justice, Samuel Rubunda, a presidential aide of religion, members of the National Assembly, and the mayor of Kampala,[29] welcomed Lee at the airport. Thousands of Ugandans came to Nakibubo Stadium for the rally. The event was broadcast on the government television station.[30]


In October 2000, Lee visited Pakistan to preach the gospel and more than 100,000 people attended the largest Christian evangelistic event ever held in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.[31]


In 2001, Lee conducted Kenya Healing Crusade, ASSIST News Service reported.[32]

The Philippines

In September 2001, Lee visited the Philippines to lead the Church Leaders Conference and Healing Crusade and Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo sent her special advisor, Secretary Agelito M. Sarimento with her welcoming address at the opening ceremony. In a written statement, Arroyo said, "Let me commend your organization, under the spiritual guidance of Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, for its continuing commitment in preaching the five-fold gospel to both believers and unbelievers all over the world. In this ever-modernizing environment, we Christians should help share to all peoples of the world our Lord Jesus Christ's good news." From Sept. 27-29, 2001, Luneta Park in Manila, Philippines, was packed with close to a million people.[33][34]


On July 26–27, 2002, Lee led Honduras evangelistic meetings and an estimated 120,000 persons attended meetings in Olympic Stadium in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Many testified to being saved and healed of various diseases. The event was broadcast on national and local television as well as on the Internet.[35] A book entitled Global Christianity in the Twentieth Century, published in June 2008 by Augsburg Fortress, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S., which is widely known as the official publishing house of academic works and seminary textbooks for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), featured photographs and relevant information from ‘The 2002 Honduras Church Leaders' Conference and Crusade with Dr. Jaerock Lee.’, reported the church's newspaper.[36] On October, 2009, H.E. Rene Francisco Umana, Honduras ambassador to Korea, visited Lee's church to celebrate the church's 27th anniversary.


2002 India Crusade

The 2002 Healing Festival took place at Marina Beach, Chennai, and during the four days of the festival more than three million people gathered. At the festival, attended mostly by Hindus, Lee spoke on the subject "Why Is Jesus Our Only Savior?".

Lee also prayed for the sick from the pulpit during the festival. The event was broadcast live on India's four television channels.[37]


In 2003, a government official arranged for a Christian prayer and healing "festival" at the Dubai Handicapped Club. Lee spoke and performed a healing ceremony for 100 persons, including nationals, with various disabilities, reported United States Department of State in the International Religious Freedom Report 2004.[38]


In November 2003, Lee visited Russia to lead "2003 Russia Miracle Healing Festival" at "SKK" indoor Olympic Stadium in Saint Petersburg, Russia, which event was a part of the 300th anniversary of the founding of St. Petersburg and preached gospel and healing message on the theme, "God the Creator," based on Genesis 1:1. He also gave his personal testimony of how God healed him in 1974 from seven years of severe diseases.[39]


In October 2004, Lee visited Germany to lead The 2004 German United Crusade and the event was broadcast through Classics TV in UK, CNL in Kazakhstan, RTVA in Spain, TKV in Russia etc.[40] At this 3-day festival Lee delivered three messages: "God the Creator" "Why Is Jesus our Only Savior?" and "The Power of the Holy Spirit." After preaching, he prayed for the sick each night.[41] The attendees' number was the biggest in German Christian history.[dubious ][citation needed]


Lee meets with Peruvian president Alejandro Toledo(2004)

In December 2004, Lee visited Lima, Peru for a Christian event. Peruvian president Alejandro Toledo invited Lee to the presidential palace and requested him prayer for the economic development and administration of the country.[42]

In May 2007, the mayor of the city of Cusco asked Lee to pray for Machupicchu to be selected as one of the new 7 wonders of the world in the 21st century, and the civil workers of Cusco city received his prayer real-time through Internet live-broadcast.[43]


In December 2005, Lee was denied permission to enter Egypt; he arrived at Cairo International Airport on a Korean Airlines flight with 20 of his members. He was scheduled to have Christian event in Cairo together with Egyptian Christian organization in the season of Christmas.[44]

D.R. Congo

Lee meets with DR Congo president Joseph Kabila(2006)

In February 2006, Lee visited Kinshasa, DR Congo and led a festival.[45] Before the beginning of the crusade, DR Congolese president Joseph Kabila invited Lee and his group to the presidential palace to have confabulation and he requested Lee's prayer for the stability and peace of the DR Congo.[46] The crusade was held with support from political, economical leaders as well as from the church leaders and the local press. During the crusade, VIPs who sat on stage, included Dr. Jaynet Kabila; the chairperson of Kabila Foundation and the acting first lady, H.E. Azarias Ruberwa, the vice president of DRC.[47]

When an Ebola outbreak occurred in Equateur Province in DR Congo, Governor Sébastien Impeto Pengo asked Lee to pray for terminating the virus. On September 21, 2014, Lee prayed for eliminating Ebola virus in DR Congo. On September 26, Governor Pengo expressed his gratefulness to Lee who prayed for this problem.[48]


Salvation Miracles Revival Crusade in New York, USA (2006)

In July 2006, Lee went to the United States to lead a three-day "Salvation Miracles Revival Crusade" at New York City's Madison Square Garden,[49] "It's a movement to transform and change the heart of the dark part of New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut - and especially New York," said Ricardo Reyes, chairman of the crusade. He says he can cure illnesses that the best doctors cannot, including HIV and cancer, according to Reyes.[50] Major League Baseball player David Wright, third baseman for the New York Mets, was tricked into doing a commercial for Lee's crusade; Wright agreed to appear on camera and offer an endorsement because he believed that the event had already been approved by the Mets, but in fact, the advertisement, which featured unauthorised uses of the Mets' logo, was being put together by a reporter who misused his press credentials to gain access to Wright and film him. After the misuse came to light, broadcasting of the advertisement ceased, and Wright publicly apologised.

The crusade, which was also endorsed by New York senator Rubén Díaz and New York City Councilman Hiram Monserrate,[51] and the head of the National Religious Broadcasters attracted large numbers of Latinos and other members of immigrant groups.

Frank Wright, the president of the National Religious Broadcasters, was positive to the event.[52] The crusade was transmitted on television to 200 countries.[53] On March 21, 2010, Dr. Frank Wright attended the Sunday worship services at Manmin Central Church.[54]


Lee visited Bethlehem in the 2007 Christmas and preached the message about "Why Only Jesus Christ Is Savior" based upon the Bible. In September 2009, Lee visited Israel. While there, he led the "International Multi-Cultural Festival",[55][56][57][58] at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem.[59] The event drew roughly 3,000 attendees from 36 countries to rally for peace in the Middle East;[60] attended by the Israeli minister of tourism Stas Misezhnikov and Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat. Lee expressed his solidarity with the Jewish people, the State of Israel and its leaders.[61] A spokesperson for countermissionary organisation Jewish Israel speculated that Lee's visit was connected to the planned launch of a Russian-language evangelical television station. The association of Israeli pastors established for the growth of Israeli churches and the union of pastors organized the event, CNS reported.[62] When asked about what he wanted to achieve on his “crusade to Jerusalem,” he said he “wants to preach about Jesus Christ, the savior, who was born in this land.”[63] Lee proclaimed Jesus Christ is our Messiah.[64] During a speech, Lee claimed that the swine influenza epidemic there would go away after he prayed that night. The festival was broadcast to 220 nations in 8 different languages by simultaneous interpretation through TV broadcasters including TBN(Trinity Broadcasting Network) and DayStar, Enlace, CNL etc.[65]



In October 2010, Lee led an event called the "2010 Korean Culture Festival"[66] or "Estonia Miracle Healing Crusade 2010" in Saku Suurhall Arena, the biggest arena of Estonia,[67][68] and claimed that it brought the most people to this arena in the Christian history of Estonia.[69] Mrs. Alina Aivazova, wife of Dr. Leonid Chernovetskyi, Mayor of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine attended this crusade andclaimed to be healed from arthritis and spondylitis. Lee received the appreciation plaque from the municipality assembly of Tallinn.[70] This event was broadcast to 220 countries via aired TV, Cable TV and the Internet.[71][72]

Church anniversary

The former prime minister of Korea Han Duck-soo celebrated Manmin church's anniversary.[when?][73]

Missionary activities

Lee sent missionaries to Asia,[74] America, Africa, Europe and Africa.[17][75] He plans to build the world's largest church.[6] Lee believes that God gave a vision for the construction of Grand Sanctuary and had the members pray for it.[76]

World Christian Doctors Network

Lee founded the World Christian Doctors Network (WCDN), which organizes an annual conference. The WCDN attempts to medically analyze supposed healing cases performed by God.[77]


Lee has written a number of books about his approach to Christianity.[78] His books are published by Christian publishers around the world such as Strang (USA), Destiny Image Europe (Italy), Baruch (Ukraine), Word of Christ (India), Andi (Indonesia), and Grace (Taiwan).[79] As of September, 2014, Lee has written more than 90 titles.[80][81] His book ministry specializes in e-books including Chinese language.[82] has published Lee's books in 56 languages.


The book "Confession" contains 100 poems. The Korean version of "Confession" has been the bestsellers in the religion section of the Kyobo Book Center. [83]

My Life, My Faith

Lee’s autobiography is called ‘’My Life, My Faith’’.[84] He outlines factors that contribute to the growth of the church,[85] and claims that God gave him prophetic visions.[86] ‘’My Life, My Faith’’ Volume 1 has been published in 35 languages,.[87][88]

In the second volume of ‘’My Life, My Faith’’, Lee writes about the USA, China and the EU and says that in the future, the world will have these three major powers.[89] He also claims that Christians can be healed from diseases by faith.[90][91]

Bulawayo 24 News gave the books a favourable review.[92]

In the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the books ‘’My Life, My Faith’’ 1 and 2 have been published with official permission from its government in its vernacular language by Vietnam Religion Publisher (VRP).[93]

The Message of the Cross

The titles of Hebrew and Arabic versions of The Message of the Cross are modified with the title The Way of Salvation.[94] The Italian Christian publisher Evangelista Media published The Message of the Cross under the title Understanding the Message of the Cross of Jesus Christ.[95]

The New York Times Book Review ad for the book Understanding the Message of the Cross of Jesus Christ.(May 11, 2014)


Richard R. Blake reviewed the book for Reader Views in the US. The Message of the Cross has been published in 57[96] different languages including English, Nepalese, and Indian vernacular languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Simte, and Tangkhul.[97][98][99] Hindi version of the book was covered by CNN-IBN[100]

The Law of God

The Law of God is a collection of Lee’s topical messages on the Ten Commandments. The primary focus of the book is the reason behind the Ten Commandments and the spiritual significance of each Commandment.[101]

The Power of God

In the book ‘’The Power of God’’, Lee has attempted to introduce the process in which a person may meet God.[102]

Heaven Volume 1

Creation House, an imprint of Christian publisher Charisma Media in the US published Lee's book ‘’Heaven Volume 1’’.

In ‘Heaven(1)’, Lee discusses the different places of heaven: Paradise, the First Kingdom of Heaven, the Second Kingdom of Heaven, the Third Kingdom of Heaven, New Jerusalem and the rewards given according to each one’s measure of faith.

Heaven Volume 2

In ‘’Heaven(2)’’, Lee discusses that the combination of twelve precious stones represents the heart of Jesus Christ and God. They are : Jasper: Spiritual Faith; Sapphire: Uprightness and Integrity; Chalcedony: Innocence and Sacrificial Love; Emerald: Righteousness and Cleanliness; Sardonyx: Spiritual Faithfulness; Sardius: Passionate Love, Chrysolite: Mercy; Beryl: Patience; Topaz: Spiritual Goodness; Chrysoprasus: Self-control; Jacinth: Purity and Holiness, and finally, Amethyst: Beauty and Gentleness.

Lee also writes about the prophets in the first-ranked group in heaven : Elijah, Enoch, Abraham, and Moses[103] The Indonesian translation of 'Heaven' and 'Hell' have been listed as a bestseller in Indonesia.[104] The book was featured and became famous when the English version of the book was presented to president of Israel Shimon Peres[105] and Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat.[106]

Man of Flesh, Man of Spirit

The series, titled "Man of Flesh, Man of Spirit" (Vol. 1 and 2), is a compilation of Lee's sermons on the Book of Job. Lee discusses what he perceives to be the evilness in human nature.[107]

Spirit, Soul and Body

In the book “Spirit, Soul and Body", Lee deals with the question “What did God, who existed all by Himself before all eternity, look like?” The book discusses possible meanings of such biblical terms as 'flesh', 'things of the flesh', 'works of the flesh', and 'spirit'.[108] Lee writes that the 'heavens' were generally categorized into four spiritual realm[according to whom?]. The entire physical space including our Earth, our Solar System, our Galaxy, and the whole universe is referred to as the first heaven.

Love: Fulfillment of the Law

The book discusses the love of God.[109]

Footsteps of the Lord

‘’Footsteps of the Lord’’ is a compilation of Lee's series "Lectures on the Gospel of John". He discusses Jesus' origin as well as the spiritual meaning embedded in Jesus' birth, public ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection.[102][110]

My Father Will Give to You in My Name

“My Father Will Give to You in My Name” is a compilation of messages and Lee claims that this book will enable the reader to understand "the law of the spiritual realm" on receiving answers from God.[111]

Against Such Things There Is No Law

‘Against Such Things There is No Law’’ discusses the “nine fruits of the Holy Spirit” along with specific examples.[112]


  • Inferno(Portuguese)[139]


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