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Born Eeshware Gowda
(1963-03-17) 17 March 1963 (age 51)
Mayasandra, Turvekere, Tumkur, Mysore State
Nationality Indian
Other names Navarasa Nayaka
Occupation Actor
Notable work(s) Tharle Nan Maga, Super Nan Maga, Rani Maharani, Mata, Eddelu Manjunatha
Political party
Bharatiya Janata Party
Spouse(s) Parimala Jaggesh

Jaggesh (born on 17 March 1963) is an Indian actor, politician and a director who has predominantly worked in Kannada film industry and is best known for the comedy roles he portrays in his movies. He has acted in movies such as Bhanda Nanna Ganda, Super Nan Maga and Tharle Nan Maga. Jaggesh has a big fan following and is popularly referred to by his fans as Navarasa Nayaka.[1] He made his debut as a small time actor in the mid-1980s and got his big break as a hero in Banda Nanna Ganda produced by his brother in law N. Srinivas, and has been very popular since then.



Jaggesh made his cinema debut as an Assistant Director to K. V. Raju in the year 1986 and then moved on to acting in small roles gradually working up the ladder to being a popular character artist. After a lot of struggle he started a movie called Tharle Nan Maga directed by Upendra which was shelved for unknown reasons. Later Jaggesh made his debut in his brother-in-law N. Srinivas' film called Banda Nanna Ganda in a lead role, which turned out to be one of the biggest hit of the year, after which his shelved movie Tharle Nan Maga resumed production and was released. Since then, there has been no turning back for the actor.


Jaggesh is originally from Mayasandra (Jadeya Mayasandra) of Turuvekere Taluk in Tumkur district. His political affiliation was with the Congress party. He ran in the Turuvekere constituency, and won with a healthy margin but resigned from the Legislative Assembly to join the Bharatiya Janata Party later.[2] Currently he is a sitting Member of Legislative Council and holds the cabinet rank as the vice-chairman of the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (K.S.R.T.C.).

TV shows[edit]

No Year Show name Role Channel Notes
1 2012 Kaiyalli Koti, Helbittu Hoderi [3] Host Udaya TV This is his first show hosted by jaggesh. Ready for launch.

Personal life[edit]

Jaggesh was born to Shivalingappa and Nanjamma. He has 2 brothers and 2 sisters out of which his brother Komal is also a noted actor and his brother in law N. Srinivas is a noted producer. One of his sisters is a doctor and the other brother is a Mute and has been taken care by the actor himself.

Jaggesh married Parimala and theirs was the first marriage case from south India to reach the Supreme Court. It was a love marriage where the bride was underage and the Honorable Chief Justice Bhagwati allowed for the marriage to be recognized on a humanitarian basis.

Jaggesh has two sons - Guru Raj and Yathi Raj. Guru Raj has written the script for their home production Make Up. He has completed successfully his training from the famed Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute, in Mumbai and is lined up for a launch in February 2009.

Yathi Raj is a well established child artiste with close to 15 movies to his credit, including his touching performance in the movie Deadly Soma, directed by Ravi Srivathsa. Parimala Jaggesh and son Guru Raj Jaggesh are also known for their interest in cars, drag racing and rally.

Jaggesh is known for his unique style of acting and at one point of time was the highest paid actor amongst non-lead roles in Kannada film industry, He is still considered as a reference for under the belt comedy by lot of Kannada actors.



No. Year Movie Role Notes
1 1985 Shwetha Gulabi Debut film
2 1987 Ranadheera
3 1988 Ranaranga
3 1989 Yuddha Kaanda
4 1989 Manmatha Raja Acted along with Kashinath, Sudha rani
5 1990 Ajay Vijay
6 1990 Rani Maharani
7 1991 C. B. I. Shiva
8 1991 Kalla Malla
9 1992 Tharle Nan Maga Santosh Lead role
10 1992 Alli Brahmachari Illi Ramachari
11 1992 Bhanda Nanna Ganda
12 1992 Kanasina Rani
13 1992 Solillada Saradara
13 1992 Marana Mrudanga
14 1993 Bevu Bella
15 1993 Bombaat Huduga
16 1993 Super Nan Maga Lead role
17 1993 Gadibidi Ganda
18 1993 Server Somanna Somanna
19 1994 Bhairava Bhaira
20 1994 Gundana Maduve Gunda
21 1994 Beda Krishna Ranginaata Krishna
22 1994 Indrana Gedda Narendra Narendra
23 1995 Bal Nan Maga
24 1997 Bhanda Alla Bahaddur
25 1998 Arjun Abhimanyu Arjun
26 1998 Maathina Malla
27 1998 Maari Kannu Hori Myage
28 1998 Yaare Neenu Cheluve Guest Appearance
29 1999 Drona
30 1999 Patela
31 1999 Kubera
32 1999 Nannaseya Hoove
33 2000 Khiladi
34 2000 Mundaithe Oora Habba
35 2001 Jipuna Nanna Ganda
36 2001 Jodi
37 2001 Jeetendra Jeetendra
38 2002 Rustum
39 2003 Make Up Doddamma
40 2003 Huchana Maduveli Undone Jaana
41 2003 Yaardo Duddu Yallammana Jathre Gowda
42 2004 Aagodella Olledakke
43 2005 Mr. Bakra Gopal
44 2005 Pandavaru
45 2005 Ramakrishna Krishna
46 2006 Honeymoon Express Ranga
47 2006 Mata Venkatesh [4]
48 2006 Tenali Rama Rama
49 2007 Govinda Gopala Govind
50 2007 Manmatha
51 2007 Ganesha Ganesh
52 2008 Nee Tata Naa Birla
53 2008 Kodagana Koli Nungitha Balasubramanya
54 2008 Dheemaku Himself Guest Appearance
55 2009 Chikkapete Sachagalu Jaggi
56 2009 Eddelu Manjunatha Manjunatha
57 2010 Lift Kodla Krishna [5]
58 2011 Double Decker Paramesh
59 2011 Dudde Doddappa
60 2011 Allide Nammane Illi Bande Summane Guest Appearance
61 2011 Bodyguard
62 2012 Manjunatha BA LLB Manjunatha
63 2013 CID Eesha Shankar
64 2014 Cool Ganesha Ganesha
65 2014 Agraja
66 2014 Neer Dose Filming
67 2014 Software Ganda Filming


Year Film Cast
2012 Guru Gururaj, Yathiraj, Rashmi Gautham


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