Jaghjagh River

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The Jaghjagh River (Arabic: نهر جقجقNahr Jaqjaq or نهر الجغجغ Nahr al-Jaghjagh, Turkish: Çağ-çağ Deresi, Kurdish: Çemê Nisêbînê or Cexcex)[1] is a tributary of the Khabur River in Turkey and Syria.


The river has two sources. The longer branch, known as Siyahsu (meaning dark water, Kurdish Av-e Resh), rises near the villaqe of Toptepe in Mardin Province, Turkey, and flows 10 km to the confluence with the shorter branch, known as Beyazsu (meaning white water, Kurdish Av-e Spi).


The river crosses into Syria near the cities of Nusaybin and Al-Qamishli. The water is heavily used for irrigation, in both Turkey and Syria. The river flows into the Khabur River at Al-Hasakah.


Freshwater mussels and turtles live in the river. Trout are also raised commercially.


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Coordinates: 36°29′51″N 40°46′16″E / 36.49750°N 40.77111°E / 36.49750; 40.77111