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Jaguar is an alcoholic drink/energy drink mixed beverage which is widely available in some post-Soviet countries. It is an industrially produced carbonated ready-to-drink cocktail by Happyland LLC (Moscow)/IBB Ltd. (London).[1] Jaguar is described as extremely popular with young people, despite the fact that its sale to under-18s is prohibited.[2] Jaguar has a reputation for being often abused by gopniki.[3] The manufacturer however claims beneficial qualities to their product in their advertising,[4] emphasising the relatively low alcohol content of the Jaguar drink when compared with hard liquors, and also the benefits of other ingredients such as vitamins and stimulants.[5] In 2009, Jaguar was described as one of the leading brands of the Russian ready-to-drink beverage market, with a share of 8% of that market.[6] In 2010, the alcohol content of Jaguar was reduced from 9% to 7% vol.

The UK version of Jaguar is alcohol free and is marketed as an energy/health drink.[citation needed]

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