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Jahan Rabii, (Alexander Amir-Jahan Rabii) is an American inventor,[1] and Internationally recognized researcher. His most notable achievement was winning 1st place at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair,[2] (ISEF), for his research in the field of Algae based Life-support for use on the International Space Station.

Personal life[edit]

Jahan grew up in the suburbs of Austin, Texas. His commitment to science and engineering can be tied to his close relationship with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. He was presented with a unique opportunity by having an aunt, Janet Kavandi, a veteran astronaut and scientist, introducing him to the field of space flight and aerospace engineering. He is often quoted saying that his "most inspirational moment yet was witnessing the Launch of STS-91" where his aunt among other astronauts launched to the Russian Space Station, Mir.


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