Jahan Shah IV

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Jahan Shah
Emperor of Mughal Empire
Bidar Bakht.jpg
Flag of the Mughal Empire (triangular).svg Titular Mughal Emperor
Reign 31 July 1788 - 16 October 1788
Coronation 31 July 1788 at Red Fort, Delhi
Predecessor Shah Alam II
Successor Shah Alam II
Regent Ghulam Qadir (1788)
Issue Najabat Afruz Banu Begum, Muhammadi Begum Sahiba
Full name
Bidar Bakht Mahmud Shah Bahadur
Dynasty Timurid
Father Ahmad Shah Bahadur
Born 1749
Died 1790

Nasir-ud-Din Muhammad Kuchuk Jahan Shah Padshah Ghazi also called Bidar Bakht Mahmud Shah Bahadur (1749 – 1790), was Mughal Emperor of India for a brief period in 1788 as a puppet of Ghulam Qadir,[1] after Shah Alam II had been deposed and blinded.[2] He was the son of the former Mughal Emperor Ahmad Shah Bahadur.[3] He was deposed in the same year by the Marathas and killed in 1790 on the orders of Emperor Shah Alam II, though it was he who had helped Shah Alam II during his brief reign by sending him water and food secretly when Ghulam Qadir had ordered that no food or water be supplied to the deposed Emperor. He had been made Subahdar of Punjab on 12 November 1752 as a child.

Preceded by
Shah Alam II
Mughal Emperor
Succeeded by
Shah Alam II


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