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Jai Paul
Born 1988 (age 25–26)
Origin Rayners Lane, London, UK
Genres Pop
Occupations Singer, songwriter, record producer, instrumentalist
Labels XL
Website www.jaipaul.co.uk

Jai Paul (born June 1988) is a British singer, songwriter and recording artist from Rayners Lane, United Kingdom. He is signed to XL Recordings.[1]

Music career[edit]


Paul's 2007 demo "BTSTU" received widespread blog coverage throughout 2010, and has been played on UK national radio by DJs including Gilles Peterson, Zane Lowe, Nick Grimshaw, Reggie Yates and Fearne Cotton.[2] "BTSTU" was said to be released by Paul's impressed brother.[3][unreliable source] The song caught the attention of several record companies and a bidding war ensued. Paul eventually signed with XL Recordings later in the year in 2010.[4] In December 2010, Paul was longlisted for the BBC Sound of 2011 poll, which asserted his style as "a startlingly fresh vision of 21st century pop music".[2]

"BTSTU (Edit)" was released as a digital download on April 21, 2011, via XL.[5] The single received favourable reviews,[6][7] and was made 'Hottest Record in the World' on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show.[8]

On May 20, 2011, Canadian hip hop artist Drake leaked a track titled "Dreams Money Can Buy" via his blog.[9] Shortly afterward, "Till The End Of Time", a song by American R&B artist Beyoncé surfaced online.[10] Both tracks feature a sample of Paul's "BTSTU" demo.[11][12][13][14][15] On August 30, 2011, "BTSTU (Edit)" was included on Radio Nova's "Nova Tunes 2.4" compilation in France,[16] and on October 25 of the same year the track appeared on "Annie Mac Presents 2011" in the UK (incorrectly listed as "BTSU").[17]


On March 30, 2012, Paul uploaded a new demo titled "Jasmine (Demo)" to his SoundCloud page.[18] The demo was given an official release via XL on April 9, 2012.[19] Pitchfork named it "Best New Track"[18] within an hour of its appearance on Paul's SoundCloud page, where it reached over 500,000 plays within a month. On April 2, "Jasmine (Demo)" was played on BBC Radio One by Zane Lowe, who chose it as his Next Hype Track.[20] On April 9, Annie Mac named it her Record of the Week.[21] "Jasmine (Demo)" received critical acclaim in the media, with The New York Times praising its "Prince era sensuality"[22] and The Guardian simply describing the production as "amazing."[23] The song Jasmine also appears in the 2013 video game Grand Theft Auto V.

Paul also appears on the song "Higher Res" on the deluxe version of Big Boi's 2012 album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors. Later in the year, around November 25, 2012, another Jai Paul track hit the internet, titled "Flip Out (Demo)".[24]

2013 Album Leak[edit]

On April 14 of 2013, a user uploaded an album to Bandcamp that appeared to be a release of music by the artist.[25] Several sources, including Pitchfork Media, reported that the release posted to Bandcamp was Jai Paul's debut album.[26] However, on the 15th of April 2013, Jai Paul posted a tweet to confirm the rumours of it being a fake, and warned not to buy the album, with an official statement expected soon.[27] On April 17, XL released the following short statement: "As widely reported, on Sunday 14th April, music by XL Recordings artist Jai Paul was illegally made available via a fake Bandcamp account. This music was not uploaded by Jai and it’s not his debut album – it is a collection of various unfinished recordings from Jai’s past. Neither XL or Jai will take any money from the sale of this music. We have been working with Bandcamp and PayPal to resolve this situation and they have told us all purchases will be refunded within the next 7 days." It is alleged that this unfinished music was stolen from Paul.[28]

The album was placed at number 32 in popular music blog Pretty Much Amazing's 40 Best Albums of 2013 list,[29] number 28 in The Guardian's Best albums of 2013[30] and number 20 in Pitchfork Media's Top 50 Albums of 2013.[31]

Relationship with Media[edit]

There has been media speculation about Paul's background and motivation, as he has remained out of the public eye. British publication Clash commented on Paul's mysteriousness, saying "Hype is a fascinating commodity. Where some quickly melt down the attention for liquid purpose, promising talent Jai Paul removed all his music from MySpace and went to get his shit together".[32] XL Recordings founder and owner Richard Russell acknowledged Paul's unpredictability, saying, "Jai is a wizard...the way he's going about things is, I think for many, baffling. But...he's going about things in the most Jai Paul way you could possibly go about things. And who knows where that may lead."[33]



Year Title Peak Chart Positions Album
UK UK Indie
2011 "BTSTU" 139
2012 "Jasmine (demo)"
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released.


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