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Jaime Crespo (born in 1961 in California) is an American multi-artist, musician, and writer of Mexican descent. Crespo is best known for the underground comic strip Tales From the Edge of Hell and comic books Narcolepsy Dreams and Numb Skull. He is currently the creator of weekly alt. comic strip "Slice O’ Life" and comic book Tortilla. His work has appeared in numerous publications such as the SF Bay Guardian, the North Bay Bohemian, X-Ray magazine, La Voz de Puerto Rico, Prism (NYC), Harpoon and many others.

Crespo's folk art appears in several group and solo shows. He is also the guitarist and front man of the musical group The Bottle Rockets which have been best described as loud, interpretive Americana (the Stooges meet Lightnin' Hopkins).

Crespo presently resides in Northern California with his wife and their son.

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