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This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Fernández and the second or maternal family name is Mirabal.
Jaime David Fernández Mirabal
Coat of arms of the Dominican Republic.svg Minister of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation of Dominican Republic
In office
16 August 2008 – 16 August 2011
Preceded by Omar Ramírez
Succeeded by Ernesto Reyna
36th Vice President of the Dominican Republic
In office
16 August 1996 – 16 August 2000
President Leonel Fernández
Preceded by Jacinto Peynado y Garrigosa
Succeeded by Milagros Ortiz Bosch

Dr. Jaime David Fernandez Mirabal (born in Salcedo, Hermanas Mirabal, Dominican Republic on October 15, 1956) was Vice President of Dominican Republic on the first Government of the Dominican Liberation Party in the period of 1996 to 2000. He is currently the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources of the Dominican Republic. Dr. Fernández is a agronomist, doctor and politician.


First stage[edit]

Jaime David Fernandez Mirabal was born on October 15, 1956 in Ojo de Agua, Salcedo, today Hermanas Mirabal Province. He is the son of Jaime Fernandez Camilo and Dedé Mirabal Reyes who is also the nephew of heroines Patria, Minerva and Maria Teresa Mirabal, who were brutally assassinated during the Trujillo dictatorship on November 25, 1960, the date which was declared as the International Day of Non-Violence Against Women, that date is recognized by many countries, especially America.

Dr. Fernández is the brother Jaime Enrique Fernandez Mirabal and Jaime Rafael Fernandez Mirabal. His mother, Dede, had to take responsibility for raising the 6 children of her sisters: Nelson Gonzalez Mirabal, Noris Gonzalez Mirabal and Raul Gonzalez Mirabal Mirabal (first son, daughter and second son of Patria); Minerva Tavárez Mirabal and Manolo Tavárez Mirabal (daughter and son of Minerva) and Jacqueline Guzman Mirabal (daughter of Maria Teresa).

Jaime David married in 1988 with Lissie Fernandez Campos, they have three children; Adriana Fernandez Campos, Antón David Fernandez Campos and Carmen Adela Fernandez Campos. He has other son Jaime David Fernàndez G. is his name, son of other relationship.

Studies conducted[edit]

Jaime David made his primary and secondary in Salcedo, and later at the Instituto Superior de Agricultura (English: Higher Institute of Agriculture) (ISA), studying agronomy, and time after graduating from his bachelor was moved to the city of Santo Domingo, where he decided to study medicine at the Instituto Tecnologico de Santo Domingo (INTEC). After this, Jaime David decides to go to Spain where he specializes in Mental Health at the Complutense University of Madrid, and after a few trips through Italy, Germany and Greece, where he helped in the rehabilitation of many patients in these countries, he then decides to further study Social Medicine.

Jaime David mastered several languages, including Spanish, which is his native language, English, Italian, French, he also has non-speaking knowledge of German, Portuguese and Greek.

According to some media, Jaime David has always been interested in sports, as far as the age of 13 he decided to organize the games in his hometown, Ojo de Agua, Salcedo, in memory of his aunts the Mirabal Sisters, furthermore created a sports and recreation club which is called Cultural and Sports Club Mirabal Sisters, which sought to promote the organization and training of youth culture across the province.

Jaime David has also demonstrated his skills in education, beccoming a member of the Society of Parents and Friends of the School, has also formed an important part of the Committee on Rural Health Clinic, and has also participated in the training of farmers' associations and mothers' clubs, with a single, clear objective of promoting good moral values, educational and recreational services, not just within a province or region, but also throughout the country.

Jaime David was an active player in several sports, particularly football, which came to form a team of it, and also showed some artistic skills in science, so it became a member of the drama and poetry of community in his hometown. He was also president of the Union Sports Salcedo Province and director of national sports federations.

Among his career as a doctor, he has worked in Cambita Garabitos in San Cristobal, in Rancho Español and Las Galeras, Samana in the Clinic Rural Montellano Salcedo Hospital, both located in Salcedo.

Start in politics and Vice Presidency[edit]

Jaime David was one of the men who admired and followed the doctrine and ideology of Professor Juan Bosch, so convinced that to do some social welfare activities, he had to go into politics, then decide if joining the ranks of the new party Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), which was founded in 1978 and since its founding until then, Jaime David is part of the PLD.

Since its inception in the party, was devoted to the integration of it and looking for new supporters for the PLD, proposing the integration of new members of the party in the Province of Salcedo, and also campaigning for three years in Madrid, Spain.

In 1990, he was nominated by his fellow militants and sympathizers of the party, the candidacy of Senator Salcedo province, which very successful and became the first senator of PLD Salcedo, apart from the party a tube landslide victory in the province.

Having obtained this position from the Senate, began an extensive work with the concentration of different political forces. during the government of Dr. Joaquín Balaguer, (government which is recognized historically as The Government of the 10-year period 1986-1996), was able to create a Provincial Development Program, which has made great achievements recognized by the various national and international, especially in the areas of health, education, drinking water, loans to women to generate employment, and others.

It is noteworthy that the hard work of Jaime David as a senator, was not there, it was also the founder of the Provincial Planning Office, also from the Provincial Office for Women, which later times, became ne the Secretaría de Estado de la Mujer, also founded the Provincial Office of Information and Statistics (OPIE) and the Legal Center for Women, which implements a program to protect women's rights and against domestic violence, with the objective continue to carry out the main legacy for his aunt the Mirabal Sisters.

In 1994, Jaime David felt the need for their work was not finished, and the process of elections, decided repostularse, which again left gracefully, becoming so again in the Senate.

In 1996, Professor Juan Bosch does not aspire to the presidency and instead decided to put Dr. Leonel Fernández Reyna, who made the proposal to Jaime David, and was immediately nominated by the party for Vice Presidents of the Republic where he was working to help the President to meet with the government program of the PLD, as the first Vice-President in history working in absolute harmony with its President, is also the first Vice President of Constitutional the Republic by the PLD and native of Ojo de Agua, Salcedo.

From his position of Vice President could meet certain targets, which could carry out the full support of Dr. Leonel Fernández, Professor Juan Bosch and his followers as well as throughout the country.

Today was appointed by Dr. Leonel Fernández, who is currently serving his 3rd. Presidential mandate, as Secretary of State for Environment and Natural Resources.

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Jacinto Peynado y Garrigoza
Vice President of the Dominican Republic
Succeeded by
Milagros Ortiz Bosch
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Senator for Salcedo
1990–1996 [1]
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  1. ^ Resigned to take the Office of Vice President of the Republic
  2. ^ Elected by the Senate to finish the period 1994-1998

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