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Jaime Lee Gleicher (b. January 17, 1985, New York City) is a former reality show star.


Her father Leo Gleicher founded Innovation Luggage; he died in 2008.[1] Jaime has a younger brother named Michael. She lived in Manhattan until age four, when her family moved to Tenafly, New Jersey, and then moved back to Manhattan when she was fourteen. She graduated from the Professional Children's School, where she graduated with honors and served as both Student Body President and Vice President. Jaime graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University with a BA in English Literature and a concentration in Creative Writing.

She is currently getting her masters in Social Work at New York University [2]

In 2003, Gleicher created, produced and co-starred in Rich Girls on with then-best friend, Hilfiger retail heiress Ally Hilfiger.


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