Jaime Rosenthal

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Jaime Rosenthal
Born May 5, 1936
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Citizenship Honduran
Alma mater Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT Sloan School of Management
Occupation politician

Jaime Rolando Rosenthal Oliva (May 5, 1936, San Pedro Sula, Honduras) is a Honduran politician.[1]

His Romanian-Jewish father, Yankel Rosenthal, emigrated from Romania to Honduras in 1929.[2][3] Jaime Rosenthal is the leader of one of Liberal Party of Honduras's (PLH) wings, and has been a perennial candidate for President. Because of his age, Jaime Rosenthal is preparing his son Yani to run for the Presidency of Honduras in the near future.

Rosenthal has a BS degree in Civil Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MS degree from the MIT Sloan School of Management. He was one of the Vice Presidents (known as Designados Presidenciales) during the Presidency of Jose Azcona Hoyo (Jan. 1986-Jan.1990) and resigned because of political differences, also former Honduras Congressman (Jan. 2002- Jan. 2006)

Grupo Continental[edit]

Rosenthal, with his brother, Edwin Rosenthal, and other businessmen, own Grupo Continental.,[citation needed]some of his companies are:

Mr. Rosenthal and his brother, Edwin Rosenthal among with other businessmen, are the owners of Grupo Continental (Continental Group), which includes among others:

  • A Bank (Banco Continental)
  • An Insurance Company (Seguros Continental)
  • A Civil Engineering Construction Company (Con-Delta)
  • A newspaper (El Tiempo)
  • A TV network (Canal 11)
  • A Cable TV network (Cablecolor)
  • A Cement Company (Cementos del Norte)
  • An Alligator skin export company (Cocodrilos Continental)
  • A Coffee Export and Cropping Company (Cafe Continental)
  • A Processing Free Zone (ZIP Continental)
  • A Meat Packing Plant (Empacadora Continental)
  • A Sugar Refining Plant (Compañía Azucarera Chumbagua)
  • A Large Percentage in the third largest Honduran Bank (Banco de Occidente)
  • Residential Zones in Many cities of Honduras- (Residencial Kassandras, Residencial Oro Verde, Colonia Universidad, Residencial Los Prado, Llanos De Sula)
  • A Banana Company (Bananas Naco)
  • Ranches for Cow Breeding- (Ganaderia Quimistan, Corderos Continental)
  • A Cacao Farm (Cacao Continental)


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