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Jaiswal or Jayaswal or Jayswal (Hindi: जयसवाल/जायसवाल/जयस्वाल) is a clan found mainly in North India, also a geographical title referring to the Jayasnagar or Jaisalmer or Jais Province.

The title is shared by several communities in India including:

Jaiswal Kalwar[edit]

The Kalwar, Kalal or Kalar are an Indian caste historically found in Rajasthan, Punjab and other parts of North and Central India. The caste is traditionally associated with the distillation of liquor, but around the start of the 20th century assorted Kalwar caste organisations sought to leave that trade and redefine their community.
Linked To "Jaiswal Bania Community".

Jaiswal Brahmin[edit]

Brahmin Jaiswals belongs to Pancha-Gauda division and are branch of Kanyakubja Brahmins.Jaiswal Brahmins are mainly Chandravanshis or Gadhiwals, Some Jaiswals are also believed to be Nagar Brahmins. Jaiswals have historical simily with Nagar Brahmins and Sakaldwipiya or Shakadvipi Brahmins.

According to one school of thought it is also believed that Jaiswal Brahmins have roots in Middle East. Some Jaiswals are Chaurasi Brahmins from Nepal or North India, they are also termed as Shiv Brahmins. There is a strong link between Chaurasi Brahmins of north India and Nagar Brahmins. Nagvel or Nagar vel (beetle nut plant) is also an interesting connecting link.Some Jaiswals are Brahmin Swarnkars. This is probably due to the profession they acquired. Jaiswal Brahmins are also found amongst Utkal and Burmese Brahmins.

Jaiswal Jain[edit]

Jaiswal Jains are one of the Jain communities of northern India. They are mainly located in the Gwalior/Agra region. The term Jaiswal indicated residents of a place named Jayas or Jais. Some authors have identified Jais with Jais in Raebareli district. A legend identifies it as Jaisalmer. However there are ducumented mentions of Jaiswal Jains prior to the settlement of Jaisalmer. The famous Dubkund Jain inscription of 1088 AD is the earliest mention of the Jayas town. The Apabhramsa Jain poet Lakshmana composed the Jinadatta Charitra in sam. 1275 and Anuvaya Rayana Payiiva in sam. 1313, both at Tihuangiri near Bayana.Thus the place Jayas must have been in the vicinity of Gwalior region.

Known About[edit]

This particular community was famous throughout North India for its mastery over their traditional trade since remote past.
The well known Sufi poet, Malik Mohammad Jayasi also belonged to ancient town of Jayas.


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