Jakarta gubernatorial election, 2012

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Jakarta gubernatorial election, 2012
2007 ←
11 July and 20 September 2012
→ 2017

  Gubernur DKI Jokowi.jpg Fauzi Bowo Canisius.jpg
Nominee Joko Widodo Fauzi Bowo
Party PDI–P Demokrat
Running mate Basuki Cahaya Purnama Nachrowi Ramli
Popular vote 2,472,130 2,120,815
Percentage 53.82% 46.18%

Governor before election

Fauzi Bowo

Elected Governor

Joko Widodo

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A gubernatorial election was held in Jakarta on 11 July 2012, with a second round run-off on 20 September 2012 to elect the Governor of Jakarta for the next five-year term.[1] Incumbent governor Fauzi Bowo was running for a second successive term.[2]

The first round resulted with two top-voted candidates, Joko Widodo and Fauzi Bowo to advance to the runoff as neither received majority of votes in the first round. Quick count results released in mass media after the second round voting indicated that Joko Widodo is projected to win the runoff with 54% of popular votes.[3][4] Fauzi Bowo later conceded and congratulated Joko on 17.00 WIB.[5] Official results were announced on 29 September.[6] Widodo won the election with 53.82% of votes against Bowo's 46.18%.


Under regulations, only political parties having 15 seats or more in the regional parliament (DPRD) can put forward a candidate.[7] Political parties with fewer seats can put forward a candidate only if they have acquired support from other political parties. Independent candidates are able to run if they have gathered at least 407,340 signatures from local residents, which will be verified by the local election committee.

Candidates that declared their candidacy:

Parties endorsing Noerdin and Nur Wahid in the first round later gave their support to Fauzi in the second round.

Campaign and issues[edit]

While the campaign for the elections had been mostly peaceful, there were a wide range of issues carried into the campaign. Notable ones including traffic management, flood control, accusation of money politics by some candidates, electoral roll irregularities, and smear campaign dominated the campaign.[citation needed]

Traffic management[edit]

Traffic has long become the main issue for many Jakartans. Traffic jams up to 3-5 hours happens during weekdays rush hour and frustrate many locals. Public transportation was also heavily lamented due to poor service and maintenance. All candidates in the race brought forward this issue and promised various approaches to this problem.[citation needed]

Money politics[edit]

Money politics is a problem that has marred the democratic process in Indonesia ever since the transition to democracy. There have been many cases of candidates giving money or other incentives to the electorate to influence their voting intention. In the first round of this election, anti-corruption NGO, Indonesia Corruption Watch found at least 27 cases of money politics during the campaign.[12] The campaign of incumbent governor Fauzi Bowo was the main offender with 12 cases, followed by Alex Noerdin's campaign with 6 cases. The electoral commission was also deemed failed to avoid these cases to happen regularly.[13]

Electoral roll irregularities[edit]

The electoral roll (Daftar Pemilih Tetap) had created much controversy since it was made public. The roll which approved by the electoral commission on June 2nd, was rejected by all candidates except the incumbent governor. Irregularities include double registrations, inclusion of deceased voters, fake names, or redundancy. Since then, all five candidates appealed the electoral commission to revise the electoral roll, and if necessary, postpone the election. The electoral commission mostly kept silent on this issue and promised to do some revision on the roll. The revision process was controversially ineffective and was heavily criticized. The head of the commission was reprimanded for this issue.[14]


First round[edit]

Preliminary results released by several media after first round of elections showed Joko Widodo leading with 43% of votes, followed by Fauzi Bowo with 33%, Hidayat Nur Wahid with 11%, Faisal Basri with 5%, Alex Noerdin with 4%, and Hendarji Supanji with 2%.[15][16][17] Official results were released on 19 July. The result has shocked every single pollsters, as most have predicted Gov. Fauzi to win the election in a landslide and without having to go for a runoff.[18]

Second round[edit]

Quick count results released in mass media after the second round voting indicated that Joko Widodo is projected to win with 54% of popular votes.[19] Fauzi Bowo congratulated Joko at 17.00 WIB.[20][21] Official second round results were released on 29 September.[6]


e • d Summary of the 11 July and 20 September 2012 Jakarta gubernatorial election result
Candidates Parties 1st round 2nd round
Votes  % Votes  %
Joko Widodo Indonesian Democratic Party – Struggle (Partai Demokrasi Indonesia-Perjuangan) PDI-P 1,847,157 42.60% 2,472,130 53.82%
Fauzi Bowo Democratic Party (Partai Demokrat) PD 1,476,648 34.05% 2,120,815 46.18%
Hidayat Nur Wahid Prosperous Justice Party (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera) PKS 508,113 11.72%
Faisal Basri Independent Ind 215,935 4.98%
Alex Noerdin Golongan Karya PG 202,643 4.67%
Hendarji Supanji Independent Ind 85,990 1.98%
Total 4,336,486 100% 4,592,945 100%
Valid votes 4,336,486 97.90% 4,592,945 98.39%
Spoilt and null votes 93,047 2.10% 74,996 1.61%
Turnout 4,429,533 63.62% 4,667,941 66.71%
Abstentions 2,532,815 36.38% 2,329,010 33.29%
Registered voters 6,962,348 6,996,951
Source: Electoral Commission of Jakarta (first round), Electoral Commission of Jakarta (second round)


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