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Jake Dreyer
Jake Dreyer.jpg
Background information
Birth name Jacob Daniel Dreyer
Born (1992-05-02) May 2, 1992 (age 22)
Origin Panama City Beach, Florida, U.S.
Genres Progressive metal, thrash metal, speed metal, hard rock, heavy metal, instrumental rock, power metal
Occupation(s) Musician, songwriter
Instruments Guitar, bass
Years active 2005 – present
Associated acts White Wizzard, DeadRingers Guild, Kobra and the Lotus, Midnight Silhouette
Website www.jakedreyer.com

Jake Dreyer (born May 2, 1992) is the former lead guitarist for Los Angeles based Heavy Metal band White Wizzard (Earache Records). He is currently on tour this Summer with Kobra and the Lotus as direct support for KISS and Def Leppard.


Early years[edit]

At the age of 6, Jake started playing guitar after he heard the AC/DC song “Hells Bells”. “I instantly knew that I wanted to do that too. I was hooked,” says Dreyer during a July 2011 interview with Noisecreep. “Like anyone else, my tastes broadened over the years. So once I started progressing in my playing, I looked for heavier bands like Megadeth and Testament. In high school, I discovered all of the Shrapnel Records guys, but Yngwie Malmsteen was the first guitarist I heard that really changed my life. There was something about his playing that just pulled me in,” remembers Dreyer.[1] Jake released four EPs and an album before graduating high school. During that time, he also studied under Chris Broderick (Megadeth, Jag Panzer, Nevermore) and David Shankle, (Manowar), and won the 2007, 2008, and 2009 award for best guitarist of the year.[2]

DeadRingers Guild (2007-2010)[edit]

Toward the end of 2007, Jake formed the melodic metal band DeadRingers Guild. During their 3 years together as a group, the band went on to release 2 professionally recorded EP’s, 2008’s DeadRingers Guild and 2010s DeadRingers Guild II[3] and tour across the nation, sharing the stage with many national and international acts such as Paul Di'Anno (Ex-Iron Maiden), Enforcer (band), Cauldron (band), and Dark Castle (band).[4] The former EP contained a single written by Jake called “War Path”, which become a Finalist in the Hard Rock/Metal category of the 2009 Independent Music Awards.[5] The aforementioned award is often referred to as the "indie grammy".[6] In September 2010, Jake left DeadRingers Guild to go out to Los Angeles to attend school at the Musicians Institute.“Once that happened, the rest of the guys in the band just kind of did their own individual things. There is no bad blood between anybody in the band. I still talk to those guys all the time”, Jake said in an August 2011 Metal Underground interview.[7]

Jag Panzer (2011)[edit]

In July 2011, Jake was chosen to replace Christian Lasegue in the Power Metal band Jag Panzer (Century Media Records). Shortly after welcoming Jake into the group, Jag Panzer decided to disband. The unexpected breakup made news worldwide.[8][9] Drummer Rikard Stjernquist said, “One player, 19-year-old Jake Dreyer, submitted videos of him nailing solos from both Chris Broderick and Christian Lasegue. We were ready to welcome Jake into the band, but, unfortunately, that will not happen. There is no doubt in any of our minds that Jake will go on to be a household name in his own right.”[10] Despite Christian Lasegue's replacement by the 19-year-old virtuoso guitarist Jake Dreyer, frontman Mark Briody stated,"the decision to split was not due to Lasegue's departure. It's what was best for the band as a collective and its individual members."[11]

Deathriders (2011)[edit]

Shortly after Jag Panzer disbanded, Dreyer joined DeathRiders, a Heavy Metal band fronted by former Anthrax (American band) vocalist, Neil Turbin. The newly formed group soon started preparing for upcoming performances and the future "Stay Screaming" tour. When asked about DeathRiders new lineup, Giovanny Torres-Bass, Peter Vazquez-Drums, Mike Guerrero-Guiter, and Jake Dreyer-Guitar, Turbin stated, “This is the best group of guys I ever had the opportunity to work with! Right from the first time we played together there was an undeniable chemistry that I personally have been searching for, a powerful musical connection that I know the fans are going to feel as well. The musicianship is top-notch.”[12] DeathRiders performance was recorded live at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, California on August 23, 2011.[13]

White Wizzard (2011-2013)[edit]

In September 2011, Jake became the new guitarist for the band White Wizzard.[14] Within a month’s time, he and the band set out on a nationwide tour as the opening act for Firewind on the "Frets of Fury" tour along with Arsis, and Nightrage.[15] The tour was both well received and attended.[16] Immediately thereafter, the band set out for Bochum, Germany to begin a two-month European tour as direct support for Iced Earth.[17] Upon their arrival home, the band started writing new music. The first song from this collaboration,"Torpedo Of Truth" was recorded in May 2012. When asked about the new music, the band posted, "It will feature, beastly rhythm, thunderous melodic bass and some serious shred at a whole new level. [18] Soon thereafter, Jake and the band headed to Tokyo to play at Club Quattro for the band’s first ever Japanese tour.[19] On June 3, 2013, "The Devil's Cut" was released via Earache Records/Century Media featuring guitar solos by Jake Dreyer.

Solo (2010-present)[edit]

In August 2010, Jake recorded his first solo instrumental EP In the Shadows of Madness [20] with respected producer JJ Crews of Boogie Tracks in Panama City, Florida. In April 2011, the EP was mastered by mastering pro Maor Applebaum (Yngwie, Tony McAlpine, Rob Halford) and released a few weeks later.[21] ITSM, which features Adam Sagan (Echoterra, Into Eternity (band)) on drums and Noah Martin (Arsis) on bass guitar showcases Dreyer’s many years of study under such masters as Chris Broderick (Megadeth, Jag Panzer, Nevermore), David Shankle (David Shankle Group, Manowar), and Rusty Cooley(Outworld). Positive reviews for ITSM appeared on websites all over the world. "When we first heard the music by guitar monster Jake Dreyer, our ears were immediately hooked to the sonic perfection that this very talented guitar shredder can accomplish note after note" [4] "...Dreyer is ready to become the latest American guitar protégé with his first solo-dubbed album 'In the Shadows of Madness'." [22] As a solo artist, Dreyer is sponsored by Bogner Amplification, EMG, Inc, Kahler tremolo, RockBand Network, and Jackson Guitars. [23] He recorded a series of instructional videos for both Ultimate Guitar Archive and Reignlicks.com. [24][25] which provided step by step instructions on playing featured “licks” of his original music. [26] Jake's music has been played in rotation on stations such as Pandora Radio [27] and Front Row Rock, [28] as well as being in the top 10 airplay list for several weeks on Jango (website).[29] [30] In December 2011, ITSM was rated by Apoch's Metal as one of the top 20 EP's of 2011.[31] In November 2011, the 2nd single Harmony of the Spheres was released on the Xbox 360 game, RockBand.[32] In a December 2011 Metal Insider interview, Jake was asked the question,"what accomplishment/award are you most proud of?" He replied, “I would say that my favorite accomplishment so far has been this EP. Just due to the fact that I had such a great time writing and recording it and all the guys that were part of it JJ Crews, Adam Sagan and Noah Martin are all awesome dudes. I am pretty proud of the final product...” [2]


In late December 2011, Jake assisted Chris Broderick at the Skolnick/Broderick Winter Guitar Retreat in New York. In January 2012, he checked in with Jackson guitars.com to talk about his time with Broderick and the whole experience: “We got up on stage and jammedJason Becker’s “Perpetual Burn” on the last night. It was a great time!”.[33] In September 2011, Jake became a guest columnist for Guitar World.com: Getting Ready to Record: The Do’s and Don’ts (7 September 2011) and the Do’s and Don’ts of Playing Live (13 February 2012).[34] He also took part in many artist interviews and stories.[35][36]


  • Jackson KV2 (Black Ghost Flame) with EMG 81/85
  • Head: Bogner Uber-Cab; Soldano SLO 100


  • Furman Power Conditioner
  • Shure ULX S4 Wireless
  • DigiTech TSR-12 (Reverb Only)
  • Dunlop Rack Wah
  • Korg DTR2000


DeadRingers Guild[edit]

  • “DeadRingers Guild” (2008)
  • “DeadRingers Guild II” (2010)


  • “In the Shadows of Madness” (2011)

White Wizzard[edit]

  • "The Devil's Cut" (2013)

Jake and his musical work is registered with ASCAP.[37]

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