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Jake Farrow
Born October 18, 1978
Occupation Actor/Screenwriter
Years active 2000–present

Jacob "Jake" Farrow is an American television writer and actor. He is most famous for the role of Gavin Mitchell on the TV series Drake & Josh. He is also known for voicing Rex Powers a puppet/dummy character on Victorious.[citation needed]

Drake & Josh[edit]

Farrow had a recurring role as Gavin, a strange employee at "The Premiere" in Drake & Josh. He usually played small parts in the show and had relatively humorous lines, embarrassed Drake & Josh and had a crush on Audrey Parker (Drake's mother, Josh's step mother) as seen in "The Storm". He usually asked Josh if he could help him get something out of somewhere, with Josh telling him "No," then coming back a few minutes later saying, "I got it," with the object in his hand. He also appeared in "Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh!" Farrow reprised the role for the iCarly episode "iStart A Fan War".

Arrested Development[edit]

Jake Farrow also worked for the TV series Arrested Development.

Writing career[edit]

Since 2004, Farrow has worked closely with Drake and Josh co-creator Dan Schneider, aside from having a recurring role in the series, Farrow also served as a writer for several episodes of Drake and Josh. Prior to this, Farrow also wrote the story for an episode of the sitcom What I Like About You (which Schneider co-created with former Friends writer Wil Calhoun) entitled "The Party" from the show's first season. Farrow worked as a writer on two other Nickelodeon series created by Schneider, iCarly, Victorious, and on Sam & Cat from 2013-2014.

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