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Jake Kettle is an American broadcaster, podcaster, entertainer, and political activist from Ewing, New Jersey. Kettle is a stage name that he has used for the past several years.

Early Work[edit]

Jake Kettle started working with podcasts in 2009, working with "Zolar" from the Howard Stern Show on a live video broadcast on Justin.tv titled Zolar Vision.[1] This project lasted for several months during his work with First Hand News, a small online news broadcast company based in Princeton, New Jersey. In late 2009 he left First Hand News to pursue other podcasting and internet broadcasting ventures, ending up with two programs, the Conspiracy Network, and the Esoteric Network, both focusing on the paranormal and conspiracy theories. Both of these programs ended in late 2010, when he began his current program, Truth Transmission.

Truth Transmission[edit]

Truth Transmission started in late 2010, as a small podcast focusing on conspiracy theories, UFOs, and the paranormal. During this period, Kettle worked closely with such figures as "remote viewers" Paul H. Smith and Lyn Buchanan. Popular topics on the show included UFOs, aliens, and UFO conspiracies, and guests such as Logan Hawkes of Ancient Aliens, and owner of Eceti Ranch James Gilliland appeared on the program. During his time working on the UFO and Conspiracy related programs, Jim Druz and James (Jamie) Palaschak appeared frequently as co-hosts on his program. He also did an eight hour coverage of the Bilderberg Conference in June 2011, and subsequently discussed the conference as a guest on Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis.[2] The last episode before Jake Kettle's hiatus from Truth Transmission, was October 17, 2011.

From late 2011 to early 2012, Kettle returned as executive producer and host of Truth Transmission, but this time focused more on political activism, commentary, and philosophy. The program also took on a new co-host, Ken Nemesis, an attorney from Ewing, New Jersey. A variety of guests have been seen on the program including Noam Chomsky, Warren Farrell, Stefan Molyneux, and Father Nathan Monk. The current program's popularity is growing and has been relatively successful thus far.


Kettle's written works include political articles on both his website and news website Before It's News. He self identifies as a social democrat, advocating for a combination of direct democracy and socialism, which Kettle mentions regularly in his podcasts and interviews.[3] He also claims to be open minded, and has professed an admiration for both the ancient Greek and Roman philosophers, as well as more modern philosophers such as Karl Marx and Niccolò Machiavelli among others.


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