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The Jakhrani (Urdu: جکھرانی‎) is a Baloch Gujjar tribe in Sindh and Balochistan, Pakistan. Jakhranis fought against Indian British rulers during the war of independence 1857.


Most of them live in Jacobabad District and Kashmore District. Mir Babal Khan Jakhrani is current chief of this tribe, Babal Jakhrani is famous for his political role in Jacobabad and Kandhkot District. Before his son he was MNA he also remains MPA, in 2002 instead of himself he announced that his son will contest election for MNA, and his son become MNA. Till now (2013) he is MNA affiliated with Pakistan Peoples Party. Mir Aijaz Hussain Khan Jakhrani was also Federal Minister for Health and Sports.In 2013 Jakhrani's again show their political strength by winning one provincial and one national assembly seat. Mir Aijaz Jakhrani become MNA consecutive third time and cousin of Aijaz and nephew of Mir Babal khan Mumtaz Jakhrani become MPA and also get provincial ministry of transport.

JAKHRANI's also live in Naseerabad, Jaffarbad (former katchhi District) and in some parts of Sibi district of Balochistan. They really have a strong and great history. Some 200 years back they were the part of Domki tribe.