Jake Lodwick

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Jake Lodwick
Jakob Lodwick, Programmer.jpg
Jakob Lodwick, October 2005
Born July 25, 1981
Baltimore, MD
Nationality American
Occupation Entrepreneur
Spouse(s) Robin Cantrell

Jake Lodwick (born July 25, 1981) is a software engineer, serial entrepreneur and investor, best known as co-founder of Vimeo.


Lodwick was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and attended college at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Lodwick was the initial web developer for CollegeHumor and the resulting Connected Ventures in 2004.[1] When he was a part of the founding team at Connected Ventures, Lodwick co-created Vimeo and came up with the name, a portmanteau of video and me. In 2006 Vimeo was acquired by Barry Diller's IAC/Interactive Corp, and Lodwick was fired in late 2007.[2] Lodwick became internet famous for co-founding Vimeo, achieving good fortune in business at a young age, plus being public with his intimate experiences and candid personal reflections.[3]

After departing Vimeo, Lodwick worked as an independent creative engineer, launching Pummelvision,[4] software that assembles your photos into stories with music.

Today Lodwick serves as CEO of the software company Elepath & Keezy. he founded in 2012. He splits his time between Brooklyn and San Francisco.[5]

In the years since Vimeo's sale to IAC, Lodwick has invested in other technology startups including Tumblr and Makerbot.[6]


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