Jakob Rosanes

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Jakob Rosanes
Jacob Rosanes.jpeg
Jacob Rosanes
Born August 16, 1842
Brody, Austria-Hungary (now Ukraine)
Died January 6, 1922
Breslau, Kingdom of Prussia
Nationality German
Fields Mathematics
Doctoral advisor Heinrich Schröter
Doctoral students Otto Toeplitz
Ernst Steinitz

Jakob Rosanes (also Jacob; August 16, 1842 – January 6, 1922) was a German mathematician who worked on algebraic geometry and invariant theory. He was also a chess master.

Rosanes studied at University of Berlin and the University of Breslau. He obtained his doctorate from Breslau (Wrocław) in 1865 and taught there for the rest of his working life. He became professor in 1876 and rector of the university during the years 1903–1904.

Rosanes made significant contributions in Cremona transformations.

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