Jakub Bua Shpata

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Jakub Bua Shpata
Lord of Arta
Jakub Shpata.jpg
Despot of Arta
Reign 15 July 1410 – 4 October 1416
Predecessor Muriq Bua Shpata
Successor Post abolished
House Shpata
Father A Bua Shpata
Mother Irena Bua Shpata
Born c. 1355
Arta, Despotate of Arta, modern day Arta, Greece
Died 4 October 1416 (aged 61)
Arta, Despotate of Epirus
Religion Orthodox Christian(born)

|house-type = Dynasty Jakub (Yakub) Bua Shpata (also Italian) Jacob Bova Spata was an Albanian Prince and Despot of Arta.[1] He was part of the noble Shpata family.[2] He was the last Albanian Despot of the Despotate of Arta. He reigned as the head of the Despotate until the loss of Arta in 4 October 1416 from Carlo I Tocco. He served after his brother Muriq Bua Shpata. He was the last prince of the Shpata's reign, and was the first Albanian muslim ruler of the despotate of Arta. Jakub Shpata died along with many of his soldiers in a battlefield against the Toccos[3]

War with Carlo Tocco[edit]

Carlo controlled several fortresses on the mainland, including Argyrocastron. He was invited as the successor of his uncle Esau de' Buondelmonti in Ioannina after the rejection of the latter's widow and son in February 1411. Nevertheless, he had to overcome the determined opposition of the Albanian clans, and in particular of Despot Jakub Bua Shpata of Arta.

In spite of Jakob Shpata's victory over Carlo in 1412, the Albanians failed to take Ioannina. On the contrary, not long after Muriq Shpata died, and Jakob was killed in battle in 1416, Carlo advanced on Arta and obtained its surrender in 1416. Arta was entrusted to Carlo's younger brother Leonardo II, and now the Tocchi controlled all major towns in Epirus. In 1415 he was granted the title despotes by the Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palaiologos. Apart from his conflict with the Byzantine rulers of Morea (the Peloponnese) over Elis, Carlo spent the remainder of his reign in relative peace.


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Preceded by
Muriq Shpata
Despot of Arta
Succeeded by
Post abolished