Jal Shah

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Jal Shah
Born 1975
Height 5.5

Jal Shah (born c. 1975) is a Nepali actress who was popular during the late 1990s.[1][2][3] She currently stays in USA with her family. She used to be very popular actress when she was acting in Nepali movies. She started her career with a religious movie named Shreeswasthani in 1994 in a small role. She made debut in commercial movies in the movie Avatar (Incarnation) which co-starred actors Rajesh Hamal and Gauri Malla in 1996 directed by Prakash Sayami. Since then, she has acted in around 50 Nepali feature films. Her first superhit Kollywood/Nepali movie in a leading role was 1998 movie Thuldai starring very popular actor Shiva Shrestha and her in leading roles. Her performance in the song "Suna Suna Sanam" from the movie was loved by the viewers. She has portrayed various characters in movies ranging from a simple village girl to a complete housewife in mostly emotional roles.

Year Title Role
1996 Avatar
1997 Ishwor
1997 Paraai Ghar
1997 Shankar
1998 Thuldai
1999 Ek Number ko Pakhe
1999 Nata Ragat Ko
2000 Nepal Pyaro Chha
2001 Aashirbad
2001 Badal Paree Anjali
2001 Yo Mayako Sagar
2002 Sanyas
2003 Je Bho Ramrai Bho Nabina
2003 Jetho Kancho
2012 Buhari


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