Jalalpur Pirwala

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جلالپُور پِيروالا
Jalalpur Pirwala
Coordinates: 29°30′11″N 71°13′00″E / 29.50306°N 71.21667°E / 29.50306; 71.21667Coordinates: 29°30′11″N 71°13′00″E / 29.50306°N 71.21667°E / 29.50306; 71.21667
Country Pakistan
District Multan District
Tehsil Jalalpur Pirwala Tehsil
Population (4000 census)
 • Total 600,000
Website jalalpur-pirwala.com

Jalalpur Pirwala (Urdu: جلالپُور پِيروالا‎), is a city and capital of Jalalpur Pirwala Tehsil of Multan District in Pakistan.[1] This city is about 88 km from Multan. Jalalpur Pirwala is a historical city. The population was about 300,000 in the 2000 census. The city has agricultural background, though it has some of the industrial resources as well. The main source of the income of the area is agriculture and trade. A smooth income in foreign exchange is due to a large number of people working abroad. The regular supply of finances to their families from countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Canada, USA and the United Kingdom is also considered as addition for the local economy. There are 15 union councils in Tehsil Jalalpur Pirwala.Jalalpur Pirwala is also known as Mini Saudi Arabia due to trade.

As part of Punjab, the multani and Majhi dialects of Punjabi are widely spoken,.[2]


Jalalpur Pirwala Union Councils[edit]

  1. Union Council No. 112 Jalalpur City ( ex Nazim city Abdul Ghafoor Nomani)
  2. Union Council No. 113 Jalalpur City (ex Muhammad Hussain Quadari)
  3. Union Council No. 114 Drab Pur
  4. Union Council No. 115 Khanbela
  5. Union Council No. 116 Larr Janoubi Basti Jam(Bait Kaitch)
  6. Union Council No. 117 Enayyat Pur
  7. Union Council No. 118 Ghazi Pur
  8. Union Council No. 119 Ali Pur
  9. Union Council No. 120 Jahan Pur
  10. Union Council No. 121 Mian Pur Belay Walla
  11. Union Council No. 122 Karam Ali Walla
  12. Union Council No. 123 Lalwah
  13. Union Council No. 124 Nauraja Bhutta
  14. Union Council No. 125 Kotla Chakar
  15. Union Council No. 126 Bahadar Pur


Govt.Model Primary School Shams Abad

  • Quaid-e- Millat Boys Public High school, Jalalpur Pirwala (Multan)
  • Quaid-e- Millat Girls Public High school, Jalalpur Pirwala (Multan)
  • AL Quddus Public Boys High School, Jalalpur Pirwala (Multan)
  • AL Quddus Public Girls High School, Jalalpur Pirwala (Multan)
  • Al Nasir Boys high School, Jalalpur Pirwala (Multan)
  • JalalPur Public School
  • The Professors' Grammar Higher Secondary School
 (For Girls & Boys) Jalal Pur Pir Wala.
  • Govt. H.S.S.,Jalalpur Pirwala(Multan)Govt.
  • Degree College for Women Jalalpur Pirwala
  • Govt. Degree College, Jalalpur Pirwala (Multan)
  • Govt.Technical Training Institute Peer Qattal
  • Govt.Technical Training Center (DMTC)
  • Virtual University of Pakistan
  • The Educator School
  • Scholar's inn Public School
  • Al Qadeer Public School
  • Jalal Pur Modal School

Virtual University (VU)


shaheen public school njalal pur pir wala

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